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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 151  

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how old are your kids?
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No human kids but my furkids are 1 1/2, and the boys are 7 weeks

what's your favorite drink?
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kiwi lemonade.

how do you feel right this moment?
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what time is it where you are?
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Just got back from a massive beach party type thing...

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it's 1:50am here.

have a good time tonight?
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Yes absolultely FANTASTIC!

How's your night?
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whose your favorite singer?
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Ah that sucks Sorry!

My fave Band is "Blue" and my fave singer is "Emeniem" although he's kinda more a rapper huh...

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I'm a country girl. I love George Strait.

What's your favorite time of year?
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Never heard of him!

My fave time of the year is 3:20PM the very last day of school for 2003! LMAO!

Do you like wearing hats?
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LOL 3:20 pm

Nope not much a hat wear person unless it's for a costume.

have or want any tattoos?
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Never ever!

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Have one broken blood heart on my chest and want one more just don't know what or where.

whats the one thing you carry with you that you can't live with out?
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Definitly my cellphone...

What's your biggest fear?
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Snakes! I hate um!!

what's yours?
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Do you like spiders?
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not fond of them but I don't mind them.

favortie costume you have ever worn?
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Witch. Last year.

Fave song?
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hmmm that's tough!! I'd have to say it's Baby Blue by George Strait.

favorite way to wear your hair?
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My mop you mean!! Definitly down and frizzy!

What color is your hair?
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I love your hair!!!! My hair is a brown in the winter and it's a brown with natural Blonde Highlights.

Make-up or natural beauty?
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Depends what mood i'm in.

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only wear make up for special occasions and even then it's just a little bit.

color your hair or enjoy your natural color?
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Colour. I haven't been able to afford to go in awhile so I'm debating on store bought brand.....ICK!

Chipmunks or Squirles?
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Icr cream or cookies? ( i'm hungry!!)
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Cookies. Never been much of a fan of ice cream (exceot milkshakes)

What would you name your next furbaby?
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Oh man!! I just got 2 new furbabies it was hard to name them! But I would have to say prolly........peanut lol

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I don't know. I had a pickle of a time trying to figure out a name for Emmett. It would depend on the furbaby......

I've been posting here since I got out of the shower and now I'm running late....

Your dream home?
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Big 2 story house in with acrage in the Rocky Mountians.

better get going then!

Favorite T.v Show?
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