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Fave time of year?
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Vacation time!

What colour is your bedroom painted?
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We rent so it's plain white. But the last house we owned was purple and pink.

Do you have a lounge room?
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Our basement is our rec room...short for recreation. It has the computer, TV, DVD, surround sound, exercise machine and bookcases.

Fav book?
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Oh Neat!

My fave book is "Poppy"

What's your fave thing to have on toast?(or if you aint eating carbs....)
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I love salt on toast believe it or not. That is what I have when I have an upset tummy. Don't know what I'll do now I am cutting back on carbs.

Do you prefer peanut butter with or without jelly?
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Salt on toast- heehee! Sorry never tried it!

and I have also never had peanut butter with jelly but I do love peanut butter.

are you a fan of pasta?
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Unforunately pasta is one of my fav foods that is now a no-no!

Do you have a fav saying?
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"you have the right to remain silent...so why don't ya?"

dial-up, broadband, dsl or T-1 connection to the internet?
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i believe cable modem is broadband right? i have a cable connection, i know that much....

do you like passion fruit?
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What are you dressing up as for halloween? If you are dressing up.
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SIGH...due to moving and limited money right now, i really can't dress up. all i have are my husband's BDU's and you see soldiers here all the time, so it wouldn't feel like dressing up.

what about you?
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onion rings.....

soup or salad?
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OH...so SOUP!!

desert or coffee?
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hmmm depends on if it's morning or not. If it is not morning I'll take desert!

Baked potato or fries?
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Potatoe salad or tuna salad?
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How warm do you keep your house in the winter?
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The heat is on but the windows are a crack open. I hate being too warm, especially when trying to sleep.

Shaving or waxing?
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Hmmm...never tried waxing so i'll go with shaving

Do you party it up on Halloween or spend a quiet night in?
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Depends. This year I'm going out.

Do you wear glasses?
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I love to since I live in a coastal town with lots of beaches. I admit I never wear sunblock though

Tanning beds- for or against?
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Against! ICK ICK ICK. I hate being in the natural sun for too long, I wouldn't pay a company to give me skin cancer.

Are you still best friends with your high school best friend?
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I would say that, at least in some way. My very best friend in high school is still a very good friend, allthough we don´t meet often. There is a special bond, like we are sisters, allthough we have gone very different roads in life and are still close.
My "second best" friend in high school, who I got to know there (I knew the other one before), is also a very close friend, allthough I dont meet her often either.

When/where did you meet your best friend today?
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I didn't.

Last thing you ate?(Always a goodie)
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Delicious macademian nut cookies I made tonight (from the Mrs. Fields cookie book) - yummie!

Your fav. tv show?
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Shortland Street.

Are you a fan of Mc.Donalds?
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Not really a fan, allthough I love their fries. I tend to go there quite some in some periods, when I am busy or just have no clue what to cook. I like Burger King much better, but we dont have one yet, but they are gonna open one soon

Do you watch soaps, if so which one(s)?
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Days of our lives (watched it since I was 5 years old)

would you rather watch News or sitcoms?
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What is your most favorite candy?
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Anything with Peanut butter!!!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween??
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