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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 149  

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Cheesies (which I don't eat any longer).

Dress up or dress down?
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Dress down. I can't be bothered to get all dolled up, especially for work.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
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Lust at 1st sight yes, love no.

When someone asks your age, do you tell the truth?
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I make them guess becasue they usually guess lower. Then I tell them the truth.

Sex on the first date? Yes or no?
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White, milk or dark chocolate?
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White milk.

Play any online games?
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Yup....anything on popcap.com, uproar.com, flipside.com......

Fav board game?
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i know it's not techinicalley a board game, but Chess. (how sad that you don't believe in love at first sight; it happened for me)

ultimate "comfy" clothes?
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Sweats (I believe in love at 1st talk)

do you wear a watch?
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Yup. My Baby G! I love how big it is.
I have 2 and I want another one.

How do you like your rice?
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i love wild rice with cream of chicken soup in it with a little bit of butter melted on it.....YUMMY.

do you like fun designs on your checks?
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Not especially...it's the cheapskate in me.

The Natural History Museum or the zoo?
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Zoo. I love animals.

You're out at the mall. You see a cute toy for your cat. Your cat has about 1000 toys already, do you buy it?
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Depends on how much it costs LOL.

What's your favorite kind of weather?
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Simpsons or Family Guy???
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season 1-5 simpsons....all the way!

are you a confrontational person?
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Only when I need to be

What's your sign?
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Do you watch NASCAR racing?
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Is your hair straight,curly,frizzy etc etc?
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Straight and thick.

What is the most popular kitty treat at your house?
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Temptations. Em can't get enough of them. Hand him a Pounce and he turns up his little pink nose.

Dream car?
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Ford F-350 w/ Powerstroke disiel and Deep Forrest green!!!

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Did you want to get out of bed this morning?
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No! Though Leo was driving me crazy so I did!

Halloween is tomorrow: costume or no costume?
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No costume - just handing out candy

Are you what you wanted to be when you grew up?
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LMAO....no...when i was 5, i wanted to be a dairy farmer by day and a Prima Ballerina by night...it's probably best that i didn't fulfill that dream!

are you more religious or spiritual?
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used to be religious, but now I am more spiritual.

Have you ever said to anyone "I vant to suck your blood"?
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LOL...yes...and had it said to me...LMAO

what's your favorite indulgence?
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Bubble bath and a book!

Fav flower?
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