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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 147  

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I just painted mine light blue with a bit of glitter in it, I was looking through me old ones and had a try
I like using pearl colour, cream, brown colours, red for festive, and colours that match what I´m wearing (I have a lot of colours)

Which nailcolour do you like to use?
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Hot Pink!

First pets name?
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love bug.

first CD you ever purchased?
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Must have been Spice Girls!

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The Aladdin Soundtrack.....how strange. I was just looking through my CDs and remembered it was the first CD I ever bought.

Do you like bra shopping?
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No, hate it.

soda or water?
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Coke or Pepsi?
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coke all the way, unless it's vanilla, and then i prefer pepsi

are cats like Lays Potato chips for you?
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Yup - I can't stop at just 1!

What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?
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What did you do on your last day off?
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slept in and then went to a specialist appointment

Do you prefer your water from the tap, filtered or bottled?
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Filtered or Bottled..

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same as you - we have filtered at home and bottled at work.

What is your ideal job?
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anything i can do from home

what's your dream?
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To be a mom

Do you dream in colour or black and white?
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color...and i often read in my dreams...LOL...i'm apparently wired backwards!

what about you?
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definately colour.

What is your fav day of the year?
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it will be the day DH gets home.

what is your favorite season?
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Summer - I love warmth and sun! BTW that is sweet your last answer!

Fav ice cream flavour?
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*drool* double chocolate fudge brownie....chocolate ice cream, with brownie chunks, chocolate chunks, and a FUDGE ripple.

what's yours?

(thank you BTW )
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that's my fav too!! (We should have an ice cream party! )

blue or red?
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Green or Purple?
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Green unless it's a lovely shade of lavender

carpeting or wood floors?
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Wood floors for sure!!!

Old house with character - or brand new house?
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oooh....that's a tough one! i really like the old queen anne victorian houses, but i'd remodel and update the interior.

do you own your home?
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The bank and I own it together until the mortage is paid.

Surf or Turf?
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If you could be a fish what kind of fish would you be and why?
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koi they lead a charmed life!

If you were a cat would you prefer long hair or short.
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Short, there's less to groom!

What famous person past or present has influenced your life?
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whoever invented books.

Which part of the year do you like best?
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