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Originally posted by adymarie
Neither - tiger!

Dragon or unicorn?

Green beans or corn?
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spaghtetti or ravioli?
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Originally posted by kidsncats

spaghtetti or ravioli?
hmmm that's tough but I'll say Ravioli!

Rock music or country?
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but I prefer Bluegrass which is as country as you can get! Can't stand "new country", sounds like pop music to me.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
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No. I'm scarey enough without dressing up.

What is your favorite hobby?
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Who is your fav author (mine is Mercedes Lackey!)
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J. Wilson.

Fave Movie?
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Court Jester with Danny KAye from the 1940's

Fav actor/actress?
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Adam Sandler..

What was the last thing you ate?
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Chicken ceasar salad.

Favourite school subject?
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Social Studies...

Do you wear sunglasses?
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I have easy clip sunglasses that attach to my glasses.

What is your lucky number (mine is 13)?
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How do you like your bacon?
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Not too crispy.

Favourite colour to wear?
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Favorite song
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We Belong, Pat Benetar

Fav singer?
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I have to admit this its Britney Spears. She is just so spunky

What article of clothing do you put on first?
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my socks.

do you read comic books?
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Do you say goodbye to your pets when you leave the house?
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do you know what pokemon is?
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yep. I love Pikachu!

Have you ever gotten your bikini line waxed?
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would you ever want to?!!
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i do it once a month.

Do you play video games?
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This is so funny!

My question then: Are dark armpits a big turn-off?
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Answer 2 Creepyowl: OF COURSE!
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dark armpits?? as in 5 o'clock shadow???

Well I like a guy who doesn't shave his armpits.

How many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
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Id say an average of 1400 licks.

do you hunt?
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no...but DH does.

are you tatooed?
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Nobb, but my cats are

Do you paint your nails?
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when i have time

what's your favorite color to paint them??
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