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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 144  

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My natural is blonde, but I have a dyed it another blonde....

Fave smilie at TCS?(I love this question )
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how many pets do u have?
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Depends how you look at it...
2 cats, one son and one s/o

What is you favorite food?
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Anything mexican

What type of car do you drive?
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I don't drive.

Do you own a mobile phone?
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Yes, I have a mobile phone, I have become quite addicted to it...

How is you weather right now?
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Sunny and windy.

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We're in the middle of the night, so it´s very dark, but I think it´s raining and allmost no wind (we alway have some... )

Do you have a fav. movie?
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The Ring or Jackass....

Do you live in the city or a rural area?
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The Lion King all the way...
Edit: dang you posted faster than me
anyways mines a suburb of a big city.

Favorite color? and why...
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I live in the city.

My fav. colour is green, I quess I like it because it a natural soothing, sometimes romantic colour....

What is you fav. flower?
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Do you have a favorite computer game?
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No, I have never played any of them.

Do you racoment any to me?
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The Sims!

Ever heard of it?
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I have heard of the sims.

Do you have a playstation or ps2?
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I have Game Cube, PS 1 and 2, Dreamcast! Tempted to get X box but their games are repeats of the other consoles!

How about you?
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My brother has a PS one. I play it a bit. Mostly DC though.

Favorite big cat?
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I have a Playstation and my fave big cat is the Tiger!

Fave drink?
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Coconut milk! (yummy)

Favorite sport? (was this asked already/)
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Hockey is my favorite sport.

where do you relax at?
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on my couch

What's you favorite movie?
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Heaven on earth! can't watch it without a box of tissue!!!

what's your favorite vaction spot??
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Our family bach.....

Last thing you ate?
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Cheese Lover's Pizza from Pizza Hut

Favorite Fast Food restaurant?
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Rogers Pizzas.

What is your fave. smell?
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Whats the most stupid fad you ever participated in?
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Probably scooters- I was so hyped and only rode it about four times!

Do you like chewing gum?
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Yes, I am sometimes a "pack a day" in chewing gum

Is the Sims something to use on my laptop, or do I need some special game computer?
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i don't know.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?
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