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Gotta love the simpsons

how do you relax on a weekend?
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sleep and watch tv.

What's your favorite talk show?
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hmm talk show.......Dr Phil lol

what's your favorite pair of shoe's look like? lol
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My red converse Chuck Taylors

What color is your hair?
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Brown with natural Blonde hi-lights

Color of your eyes?
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dark brown

What's your favorite movie?
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I have like 3.......Pure country,here on earth, hope floats.

Fave drink. alco or non alco.
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Vanilla coke and Vanilla Coke with Bacardi

Where are you originally from?
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Colorado.. Born and Raised.

Do you prefer to be outdoors on indoors?
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Usually outdoors, but not in the summer because it's way to hot.
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that's only cause you are in AZ it's not to bad here in CO
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looks like both of us forgot to ask questions LOL

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
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hmmm at the moment I'm stuck on Haagen Daaz's creme brulee.

Do you wear shoes inside your house or go barefoot?
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Barefoot (that way I can be like my cats).

What is your happiest cat moment?
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My happiest cat moment? Seeing my elegant, beloved tyler win best alter when he was about 8 y.o. and hadn't been to a show in years

What color are your eyes?
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Hmmm...I guess they are hazel brown, sometimes greenish and sometimes goldenbrown...

What is you eyecolour?
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Would you rather bake or cook?
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Originally posted by jgaruba

Would you rather bake or cook?
Cook, though it depends on my mood!

What is the craziest cat bed or toy you ever hand made?
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A good friend just made me a cat walk trail that allows my twins (Smokey and Squeaker) to be in thepictre window that runs the length of the apt. from front room to bedroom. It is a carpetcovered shelf 10 ins. deep and 9 ft. off the floor with stations at different heights for them to lounge on. Only bad thing is it gives them access to other areas like the bookcase and the entertainment center.

(?) Where is the oddest place you ever found your cat hiding ?
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underneath my son's bed..not just under it, inside the boxspring part that Rocky had ripped open and got in...

how old was your cat when you got him/her?
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Pollýanna was 9,5 weeks, and I think Feykirófa and her 2 sisters were about 8 (maybe 9)weeks when I took them in, and then found homes for the 2 sisters.

What is the maximum count of cats you think you can hava at one time? (Now, be sensible )
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I have 2, and think I could have one more...It is hard enough to keep up with 2, and I don't know how in the world some of you do with 5+ cats!

Do you ever sit and watch your cat sleep?
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Oh, yes I do!

Do you make you own jam/jelly?
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No I don't make my own jam/jelly but I used to! I just don't have time anymore.

Are you handy around the house as far as reparing things etc?
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Yes, I love to watch Ophelia dream...especially wonderful to see her paws twitching as she "runs" in her sleep, we earlier this year thought she had cancer and would lose her leg...She didn't and didn't

Which one of your cats talks to you the most?
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I only have one JB and he's pretty talkative when hungry!

Does your cat/s lick your nose?
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Molly is the nose licker in the family. . . . she loves to give us wet woolies.

What kind of car do you drive?
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HEY my question got skipped~! No fair!
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All the time. It relaxes me.

new (?) What else, besides how to relax; has your cat taught you ?
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answer to MzJazz (?)

If it can't be fixed with duct tape; I don't attempt it !
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