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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 139  

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My other half's smile. I feel all snuggly and happy when he smiles.

What does your backyard look like?
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It's sometimes got a few dog poops, fully fenced, lots of pretty trees and plants a few holes the dogs have dug , stuff airing on the line a few chairs for when friends come over a dog bowl full of water heaps of dog toys a stone garden..phewww

Do you wear lipgloss, if so your fave color?
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I wear a kind of coral shade of lipstick.

What is your favorite song?
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Two questions????


Lip Gloss...pink or red...they taste like strawberry....I can't have the real stuff...allergic to the yummy things....*sigh*

Fave song...Imagine by John Lennon

Hmmm...now do I think of one question or two?

Favourite breed of cat?
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Oh Mags, I'm sorry you are alergic to Strawberries, They are so good!

PERSIAN, I love persians so so so so much!

Do you have a Fish Pond?
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I have two fish tanks but no pond.

I miss fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate...mmmm....

Favourite dessert?
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I love all fruit in choc

I love Cheesecake.. passionfruit or berry SOOOOOOO yummy

fave color for your writing pen?
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The colour of the Copper Ammonium complex. It's a wonderfully deep yet vibrant blue. I've only ever had one pen that was that same colour before I lost it. *sigh*

But a nice blue colour will do.

Favourite room in your home?
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My Computer room - It has fully glass fulls that looks out onto my beautiful street, it's also very cosy & private, my total haven.

Fave Take-out?
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Wood fired Pizza which the topping consist of eggplant, (aubergine), artichokes, fetta cheese, fresh tomato, olives and a hint of anvhovy.

Cutest thing you cat(s) have done to date?
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my JB under the couch playing with my son who was trying to reach him

Crest toothpaste info
has a nice taste, I'm currently using Colgate Total even though I was addicted to Tom's Natural in fennel, very good taste, but pricey

liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner?
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So that's what Crest is....

Neither, I don't wear make-up.

Conventional medication or Complimentary medicines?
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umm I like my pain killers when needed
but I do opt for the natural homeopathic if I can handle and endure the long waiting period

curly fries or steak sized fries?
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I like crinkle cut fries.

Fave Drink?
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what do you like to wear on Lazy sundays?
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My Pj's or a scabby tee and saggy pants!

Your fave day of the week?
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My Day off

favorite Ice Cream Flavor??
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Plain ole Vanilla.

favorite color?
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Forest Green

your favorite song?
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Ignition by R.Kelly.

Fave TV Program?
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Animal Precinct. So psyched with there being new episodes all this week!

Do you believe in astrology?
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Only when my horoscope says I'm gonna be rich and famous! LOL!

What's the name of your first date?
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Originally posted by amyspear
What's the name of your first date?
I don't understand?
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
I don't understand?
I think they mean what was the name of the first person you had a date with.
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oooohhh! sorry, still trying to get out of morning fog. Hmmmm, I can't remember his name, it starts with an 'e', this gorgeous hispanic that I met during summer school! sigh....the weird thing is that we never kissed! Of course we were pretty young and innocent

what's your favorite time of the day?
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Sunset. I love the colors in the sky and the way it's dark enough for all of the lights to be on, yet it's not pitch dark outside.

Do you recieve a lot of junk email?
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I get more junk mail than mail for me. Sad but true.

Do you prefer the sea when it is calm or stormy?
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do you own or rent?
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I rent but when I win the lottery I will buy!!

Do you prefer to listen to CD's or the radio?
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Do you watch CSI?
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