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Bacon, definatly bacon, smoked or maple cure or something yummy like that.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
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Harry Potter, even though LOTR was filmed here in NZ

Fave smilie?
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would you rather lose your sence of taste or smell?
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If you loose your sence of smell you usually can't taste, either, so neither one.

Pizza or Egg Rolls
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How about pizza rolls, those are pretty good. Funny, tonight I had an eggroll with my leftover chinses food.yummmmm

chow mein or lo mein?
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I've never had lo mein, but I know I don't care for chow mein.

Salmon or Tuna?
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Tuna, salmon is too fishy for me.

For fish and chips do you like the batter to be like the chicken finger batter or thin like breadcrumb batter?
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I like the thicker batter.

Do you have a Mac or a PC?
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Dude I have a Dell.

Do wear pajamas or just old shirts and shorts?......or dare I say nothing...gasp
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I just wear a big giant T-shirt.

Musical groups: Jackson Browne or Fleetwood Mac?
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UUUUMMMMMM, at the risk of being uncool, neither. However, if I was held at gun point or cat scracth I would say Fleetwood Mac.

Shave the hairy beastly furry kitty for the summer or sit back and watch her pant?
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If my cat was panting from heat then I would shave her and deal with the scratches. But I live in a cool climate so I don't need to.

Silk pajamas or cotton?
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Cotton...even though I usually don't wear them to sleep in.

What is your cat or cats doing right now?
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which one? I think they all are sleeping. Where I should be!
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Sherral, you didn't ask a question! You must be tired!
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sorry! Have you ever spent the whole day on your computer? (playing with a 4 year will make you mome tired than anything I know!)
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Not all day, but several hours at a time though!

What activities did you do today?
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Homework,Housework,Brushed Animals,Fed Animals, Internet

Fave Movie?
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she spent a lot of time in the pool (walmart $18.00 2 foot pool.)Then she rode her bike ,and she wanted gram to watch her,and the whole time she was in the pool I had to watch her,and she put the baby pool in the bigger pool,so I had to pull her around the pool!Her dad brought the pool for the kids when they are here! He dosn't have anyplace where he lives.

What did you do today?
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Dirty Dancing.
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Awww! Sherral, you're the coolest gram! They are really lucky to have you!!!

today woke up in a fog (the other day was thicker fog since my son didn't sleep till 3:30 AM and woke up at 7:30 am , made coffee, watched my fav cooking shows on PBS (anyone else watch 'em on Saturdays?), made coffee again, visited the threads, re-arrange two rooms, swept floors and viewing the threads again

but not a real question though right?

Colgate or Crest?
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I use Colgate- Toothpaste.

Fave Car Make?
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Colgate...never heard of Crest....

Favourite recipe?
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Also since no body answered Sheral- I would have to say - The Lizzy Mguire Movie is my fave.
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Beef Wellingtons - or - Chicken, stuffed with apricots!

( I have never heard of crest either)
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My question still remains- fave car make?
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I have ADSL and I'm still too slow for this thread.

Fave car....Toyota Corolla....cheap, economical, not going to break down as you drive round the corner and parts are easy to find.
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A Question?
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Oh...question.......eepers...forgot...now I'm under pressure....think think think....ooo......*brain fizzles*

How do you cope with pressure?
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LOL It's Ok!

I normally get really stressed but I try and calm myself down by drinking coke or talking & hugging a furbabey

Fave Smilie?
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