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Can i pass on a question?
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I'll guess 7, but I'm not good on these kinds of tests.

If you have a choice between a 1-Hot Fudge Sundae, 2-Apple Pie Ala Mode, or 3-Creme Puff: Which would you choose?
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Hot fudge sundae, of course!

Does humidity make your joints ache?
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I don't experience a lot of humidity in Los Angeles, but I don't think so. However, cool temps and cool air conditioning cause me some problems in my hip.

What is the most important lesson you've learned in life, so far?
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Stay positive.

Classic coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke?
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I love diet vanilla coke.

What is your favorite breed of cat?
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tabby cats

vanilla or chocolate?
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Depends on what it is flavouring. I love both!

Water with or without ice?
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I prefer ice cold water, but without the ice in it.

Do you like Tea?
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I have tea every morning - I don't drink coffee.

Do you prefer iced or hot tea?
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I prefer hot tea.

Do you have any favorite tea flavors?
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A Celestila Seasons flavour called Grandma's Tummy Mint - it has chamomile, peppermint and spearmint.

Fav mythological creature?
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what's your favorite beanie baby?
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My Paul Stanley (Kiss) Beanie baby.

Do you have a swimming pool?
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I didn't know they had a KISS beanie baby...way too cool!

do you play games online?
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No. I play video games but no online.

Do you collect anything special, you know like coins, or dolls, or soemthing like that?
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I collect "Friends" videos (sad but true)

Tan Fake or real?
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Neither. Love your skin the way it is

Trees or turnips?
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laid back,

Indigestion or Diarrhoea?
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Paper or plastic?
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doverman or chihuahua?
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Siamese or Persian?
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Castro or Jiang Zemin
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lenin or stalin?
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sugar or caffeine?
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Roses or Orchids?
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good one!! hmmmm...orchids

thumb or middle finger?
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Middle finger!!

Dark beer or light beer?
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Hurray for middlefinger!

umm back in da days of drinking, it was dark

here's one that'll make ya'll squirmy

cockroaches or spiders?
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What do you mean, Do I like them better or worse?

I like Spiders better than Cockraches.

Least Fave. Creepy Crawlie?
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