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2 furbabies for now, 2 fish for now, five frogs for now, (they live with my pot plants eating creepie crawlies), one sea monkey colony...that's it for now.

Reincarnation or after-life?
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Afterlife and reincarnation, both

Early bird or night owl?
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Late afternoon - evening girl - edging toward night owl!

What is your favourite pastime?
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The cat site!
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At the risk of being redundant, The Cat Site!

Which do you like better, Summer or Winter?
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summer I hate the clod and snow!
Fav.thing to wear around the house?
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Sweats (or shorts, depending on temperature), t-shirt and slippers.

Do you have a nickname?
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Ady, lemonady, ladyady, etc

Do you feel your age?
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physically yes, mentally no way!

What are you going to do today?
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providing training - they are working on exercise right now.

What was the 1st pet you ever had (mine was a dog named Twinkles)
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I had 2 dogs named Muffet and Cindy..Muffet was a dachsand(sp?) and Cindy was a Schitzu(sp?)
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What's your question?
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when you use a pen what color do you prefer? blue, black or red?
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actually anything but those - I have pink, purple, yellow, green. Currently I am using the pink. I like to colour code my work.

Do you ever colour (as in colouring books - I have adult colouring books - they are cool)?
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I do, my kids coloring books..

do you ever get pedicures?
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Nope - it tickles

Do you have a cell phone and if so, how often do you use it?
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Of course I have a cell phone, I don't turn it on but like once every couple days to check messages. I hate it, if I left it on I'd be on it to much, just like this thing.

Is your pc desk a mess?
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yes It is never clean!
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What desk? I have a laptop on top of some pillows at the end of our couch. Now my hubby's desk? Ick!!!!!

What heat hot sauce do you prefer? Mild, Medium, Hot, or XXX?
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do you have a swimming pool?
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The apartment complex does, but it's never cleaned so we don't use it.

How many computers are in your household?
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Just 1 - I mostly use the computer at work!

What is your happiest life moment?
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My wedding day!
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Giving Birth.

Favorite Type Of Car?
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Mustang convertible, preferably a 1967, although I wouldn't turn down a new 2003.

What was your first car?
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dodge cornet(sp) 1965
Would you buy a VWBug?
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If I had the money, sure!

WOuld you?
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No I want a new mustang!
Have you ever been sucba(sp) diving?
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No, but I've been snorkeling, it was awesome!

Have you ever been parasailing?
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no I would like to
Ever bunggie jumped?
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