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Natural birth!!!
At the time when I was told that they had to do an emergengy c-cection, since the baby´s heartbeat was slowing to much after each contraction and maybe wouldn´t make it, I didn´t realize the seriousness and was just thinking (well after allmost 24 hours in labour) "fine, either you shoot me or you take the baby out, no matter how...", but afterwards I was very unpleased with the whole thing, my body was so long to recover (these are 7 layers!) and I could barely walk or stand for too long (on my opinion), so I think, even though natural births are painful, if the baby is ok, I think it´s a better option, since it takes so much shorter to recover.
Wow, that was a long answer!

What would you do?
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I didn´t mean to scare you all off this thread!!!
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I just found this thread again... I forgot about it when it disappeared off the first page.
(You didn't scare us all off!)

I don't know if I can really decide if I want a natural birth or a c-section at this point... I don't even know if I want children. But, I do know I want what's the least painful. (I'll that that epidural the moment I get pregnant - thank you! )

Do you like going on picnics?
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Oh yes love picnics.

Where is your fave place to go on a picnic? ie:Beach, Park, etc.
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I like parks, with picnic tables and grills right there at the park.

(someone asked me this one) Who would you save if drowning.....your mother or your cat? (I personally would save my dog...I have no cats)
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I'm sorry I will not decide between my Parent and my animals, I love them both.

Fave ice-cream flavor?
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cookies n cream

which kitty litter do you use?
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What do you give your cats to eat?
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Authority cat food...

do you have human kids as well as furr kids?
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Yebb, one one year old crazy stunt double!

How old are your human kids (if you have them)?
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I have 3 and 1 step daughter
Elizabeth~3 and
my sd Shalee~ 10, but will turn 11 June 24.

When is your birthday?
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Pearl Harbor Day - Dec. 7. I was also born on my grandfather's 55th birthday.

Does your family live nearby?
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About 20mins away....

Is it Friday yet?
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NO, I wish..it just felt like it was the other day

who's birthday is this weekend?
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My sisters.... she will be 18!

Cake or Cookies?
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Cookies - they're more portable.

Is it hot and humid or hot and dry, where you are?
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Cool today and it seems pretty moderate in the humidity department. When it is hot here, it doesn't get quite as humid as it does in Cleveland where I grew up, and is not as dry as it is in the desert.

Are there four distinct seasons where you live? (they are not very distinct here in the San Francisco Bay area)
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Yes there are. Allthough some winters are so very mild, it´s like endless fall, then followed by spring. And some summers are so cool, it´s like endless spring, then followed by fall...

Was this monday a holiday where you are?
It was here, we have some holidays that are "the second of..." like "The second of Christmas", "The second of Easter" and now "The second of "whatever this last sunday is called in English" "
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Nope, wish it was because then I would have had the day off!

Are you religious? If so, what is your religion? Mine's Lutheran btw...
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Well, yes I am. Lutheran (as 90% of all Icelanders) but I don´t go to church alot.

Do you wear sunglasses in the sun? (I just squirt my eyes )
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Yes. I'm paranoid about UV radiation damaging my eyes.

What is your cat's or cats' favourite toy(s)?
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laser light!
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Feykirófa´s fav. toy are the tight up thin crunchy bags we put wegetable in, in the shops! She playes fetch with them. She also really likes bumble bees! (Live ones!)

Pollýanna doesn´t really like toys, but likes to sleep on the keyboard when I´m trying to use it.

What´s your cats fav.?
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Red Hot Chili Peppers!

What's your favorite food?
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Do you procrastinate when you have something important to do? Like right now, I'm meant to be studying....
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YES! Always! Also when I have something interesting to do that takes a bit of time...

Do you remember your fav. song from when you were a kid?
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yes! It's an old country western song called "Tight fittin' Jeans". I used to act like I was big star by singing into the Vacuum handle (it was the right heighth like a microphone on a stand).

Fave song right now?
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Life's a Show from Buffy the Vampire, Once More with Feeling. The musical episode.

What would you like to be remembered for?
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ever been to New York?
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