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No--got into trouble with them because of my ex.

Pepsi or Coke?
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Pepsi Pepsi!!! Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!
Do you own your home?
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No, I wish we did, then my babies would be with us.

Are there any other animals you love almost as much as cats? (for me it's prairie dogs)
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I love dogs...especially labrador retrievers...they are the most gentlest dogs I ever knew...My old Rusty boy passed away back in April of 2002...due to all kinds of heart problems,and kidney failure.I can't think of all of the things, but I know if we do get a dog it will be a chocolate lab...My Rusty boy never bit a flea and loved people..almost too much, but he was the sweetest!!! Great with kids too...

oops..here's the question, do you take your cats out for walks?
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Originally posted by jgaruba
I like my pancakes with a little butter and lite maple syrup.

As a sidenote, when I was visiting my bf in Norway, I had their version of pancakes. They are very very thin, and light, and he eats them with either sugar, rolled up, or with jam. It was very strange for me to even try them that way, but they were good, just different.

Do you rollerblade?
I realized that many hours later, that what we call pancakes, is like the French "crepe" - very thin and bigger than the American ones. Probably like the Norwegian one. (I don´t suppose it is possible to fold the American ones )
We also have something like the American pancakes, which we call scones, but obvously not like the englich scone, since they are very different from the American pancake....

....Just to make complicated things stay complicated!

I don´t dake my cats out for a walk. When I first got Pollýanna, I wanted to have her indoors, so I got her a walking "kit", but she refused to let other decide where she wants to walk!

What is the last cake you baked? (I´m baking like crazy today, for my sons first birthday tomorrow.)
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Lemon layer cake with white chocolate for easter.

Do you believe in angels?
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Yes, and I believe they guard my babies, just as I always told them-even though they're adults now. Of course I believe they are messengers, also.

Do you make home made fudge? Have you tried the recipe with Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter? (yum!)
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Yes I make home made fudge, but I have not tried this yummy recipe, how is it???? (We don´t have Marshmallow fluff though, is it possible to make?)

What was the last movie you saw?
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Yes, you can make fluff (I'll see if I can find the recipe).

Last movie: full one is "The Crying Game" and I'm currently in the middle of "I Love You Don't Touch Me" (which I love!)

What did you have for your last meal?
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We had Chinese, deep fried shrimps, rice and egg noodles with vegatable and chicken...yummy...

Do always have the same for breakfast?
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Don't usually eat breakfast, but when I do--if my husband is cooking--pretty much yes. Scrambled eggs, toast, and some kind of meat.

Do you live or work on a very busy street (or maybe it's only busy at certain times?)?
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I live in a small town, but I live on its main street. So there's quite a bit of traffic right outside my house.

When was the last time you washed your car?
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Yesterday BEFORE work at 6:30am. I know I'm crazy but she was dirty and I didn't want the sun to bake the dirt on.

Do you go to the auto or self car wash?
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What do you mean? Should I wash the car? I just wait for the next rain!!!

Do you do your banking online?
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Unfortunately, my credit union doesn't have online banking available. I would do it if I could.

Do you like flavored coffees?
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I haven´t tried it. Besides I am not old enough to drink coffee!!! But I do like coffee that´s half hot chocolate and with whipped creammmmmmmmm....

Are you a tea person? I am one.
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I prefer to have my coffee with some cream & sugar. I love coffee even though it does a number on my tummy!

Have you ever had a retainer for your teeth? I get mine tomorrow!
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Oops! Sorry!
I like tea, but only cold not hot.

Ok, same question about retainers? Ever had one?
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Nobb. I was the only girl in my class once that didn´t have it, and I felt SO left out!!!

Would you like to host a Tupperware party for me?
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Umm..SURE! Don't know diddly about Tupperware since the Kitchen is the one place I hate to be!

Wanna come hold my hand tomorrow while I get this foreign object placed in my mouth? I'm really dreading this!
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Sure I´ll come and hold your hand! I really hate having things other than food in my mouth, and having so be still, while someone is "working" there, just horrible!

That makes me just look forward to what I have to do tomorrow. I am going to an interwiew to a plastic surgant!

Have you ever been to one?
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A plastic surgeon? No I haven't, but maybe some day when I'm old & wrinkled up I'll go.

Not to be too nosey or anything, but what on Earth would you need to see a Plastic Surgeon for?
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Well, my nose is all croocked, and my ears dont match and I want a slightly different chin. And my breasts are too big.

What did you have for dinner?
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Mom took me out for my be-lated B-Day dinner at Pizza Hut. Had some pizza,pasta and dessert pizza! YUMMY!

BTW, I wish you the best at the interview! Keep me posted on how it goes!

Do you eat breakfast everyday?
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Oh, I am so funny! This was just to tempting...
I am going for the interwiew to have my scar from the c-section removed. It was such a fine line at first, but then it started to have some growth (I dont know what you call it in english) and for many months it has been very icthy and aiky, and it really red and thick, and nothing else has worked, so it has to be removed.
(Still my breasts are too big...)

I do eat breakfast, but sometimes at noon! And sometimes a banana on the way somewhere...

Do you eat breakfast?
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I always eat breakfast... I'm always hungry.

Do you eat the same thing for breakfast everyday or have something different?
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I eat the same thing every day for some period, and then change into something different for another period.

What kind of car do you have? (If you have a car! )
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1996 Dodge Stratus is what I've got.

Do you ever take the bus or subway?
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I dont take the bus anymore, I stopped being able to, due to agoraphobic, especially in busy hours, so after I bought my first car, I dont have to anymore.
We dont have subway (only the Restaurant )

Shell, did you see tha correction of my answer????
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You're quite the little jokester, huh? I really thought you were serious! Well, best of luck with the scar issue. It's best to get it checked out, though.

If you were to have another child or even your first child, would you rather have a c section or natural birth?
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