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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 125  

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Summer - I love heat!

Did you know Stanley Cup Finals start today?!!??

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim vs New Jersey Devils
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I had no idea!!

what do you usually eat for breakfast?
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usually drink a diet pepsi... dont eat breakfast very often

Is it Friday yet!?!?
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nope..I wish!!

How often do you vaccuum?
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As rarely as possible because I hate doing it.

Has anyone been in court lately? (I have, this AM, and won!!!!)
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No but my Nana and I are going in June

Have you even been to jail?
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No, but I often walk past one!
There is a very old jail downtown ReykjavÃ:censor:k, for about 15 people. It takes me about 20 minutes to walk there! It´s just there in the main shopping area.

Do you like popcorn? What kind?
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I hate popcorn--I seem to be the only person in the world to do so, though.

If you eat meat, how do you like your steak cooked? If you don't, what's your favorite Veggie Burger?
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I like it to be completely cooked - well-done. I have issues with any pinkness in meat.

Do you usually get ice cream or frozen yogurt?
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Ice cream--the richer the better--if I'm going to pig out, I'm piggin' out! I even found a recipe for my favorite, a flavor I had in Spain called Nata (Cream).

Can you see the stars at night really well where you live? (ie. few city lights)
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Yes, I can see stars, no city lights , the city is a good five minutes away

Do you have a bike?
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What colour underwear are you wearing (mine are blue with cats on them)?
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None right now--still in my pjs.

What's your favorite color for a car?
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what kind of car do you drive now?
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1988 Chevy full-size van--sunset gold, beautiful irridescent cream color--it's my husband's, I don't currently have a car of my own

What kind of roofing material is most commonly used in your neck of the woods? (tile here in Sou. Cal.)
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We have an apartment, so I have not a clue, LOL. Shingles, but what kind, I don't know.

Favorite sport? (That you do, not watch. )
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Does Sex count? LOL I'm not athletic, I'm a couch potato (or maybe PC potato is better) and my body is showing it. I'll walk if I need exercise.

What's your favorite color of cat? (I'm stuck on colors, aren't I?)
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Blue Cream Tabby.

Fave Drink?
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Hmmm... Dunkin' Donuts Coffee or Diet Vanilla Coke. I can't decide between the two.

Favorite kind of muffin? (I LOVE chocolate chip muffins! )
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Double Choc Mmmmmmmmm Good!

Fave Tabby pattern, mackeral, classic, spotted?
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I've had the classic and mackeral, so I think spotted would be interesting!

What is your hobby?
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I like to bake and I'm learning to knit... working on a throw-blanket at the moment. And play on the internet, of course.

Have you taken any music lessons besides those in school?
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Played the piano for 25 years and the flute for 17.

Do you own a DVD player?
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I did, then something happened (my Mum and her vibes) and it broke. But I still have alot of dvd's to play. huh.

When you make pancakes do you use mix or make them from scratch?
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I making them but when the mix is in the Kitchen Store Room, it's so easy! ..

Do you like pancakes?
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I LOVE pancakes!

What do you usually eat your pancakes with?

Here they are usually eaten with sugar, rolled up, or wiht jam and whipped cream, folded first in half, then in half across.
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I like my pancakes with a little butter and lite maple syrup.

As a sidenote, when I was visiting my bf in Norway, I had their version of pancakes. They are very very thin, and light, and he eats them with either sugar, rolled up, or with jam. It was very strange for me to even try them that way, but they were good, just different.

Do you rollerblade?
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No - that would just be a disaster waiting to happen.

Favourite non athletic pasttime?
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Playing with the flowers-planting, weeding, just looking, anything having to do with them!

What is the most endearing quality your cat has? Or cute thing she does?
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Elmo, Staring at himself in the mirror

Do you have a credit card?
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