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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 124  

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Houston, TX--just made the hotel reservations tonight!

What are your work hours?
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I don't work ,

Fave TV Program?
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You know what show is awful but I will try to watch-Fear Factor. I was almost throwing up at a tape my friend had, he pieced toether all the parts where they had to eat 'things'. YYYUUUCCCKKK!!! The squirting bugs were nasty but the bull spinal cord and snot-with fur-got me.

If you were starving on a mountian and the natives offered you meat, and your boatmate was lost to sea but you saw his shirt there but not him, would you try 'their' meat?
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Ummm, not sure I understand the question, but if you mean if I thought it might be my friend, no! LOL! Otherwise, yes.

What is your kitties' favorite toy?
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Feather sticks and mouseys---hard to decide.

Do you take your kitty to Petco(or whatever store) with you?
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Nope - they don't travel well!

Are you afraid of getting West Nile Virus this summer from a mosquito bite?
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What does your last name start with (letter)?
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Is your hair long or short?
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Shoulder Length

Fave Animal ?
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other then cat? Horse

Do you bite your nails?
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Do you like your countrys flag?
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Yup! Simple and straight forward - see bottom at my sig line.

Fav colour?
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Pink or Blue!

Do you like your countrys anthem?
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Yup - both in English and French.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
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Love it! Even though it's hard sing. Gives me the chills every time I hear it.

What's your favorite music?
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Perfect vacation! .. Ummmmm Golden sands & clear water

Fave Music! Rap & R'n'B

Do you luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve choc?
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OH AH.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FAV.Holiday?
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When I went to Australia

Have you been to NZ before?
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No, only Mexico and Europe. But I work with Aussies all the time.

What are you wearing right now?
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White T-shirt w/American flag, rattlesnake, F-16s and "Don't Tread on Me" logo and Navy issue bell-bottom dungarees.

Favorite brand of nail polish?
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I don't wear nail polish, I have a bottle of green in my file cabinet at work that I bought as an inexpensive marker last year.

Katl8e are those Navy dungarees old? My reserve unit was issued a new "working uniform" that looks like a gas station uniform! My unit wears the camo BDU's anyway...

Any veterans out there?
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My husband, Dad, and best friend are, but I'm not.

Anyone working today?
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Not me, did do a few errands though.
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Are you cooking anything special today ( I am making steaks on the BBQ)?
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No--but my husband made breakfast and let me sleep in before coming to work. By the time I get home it will be tomorrow.

Is the sun shining where you are? (a little cloudy with weak sun here in San Diego today)
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No it wasn't nice today, overcast most of the day. Giving the same for tomorrow.

Do any of your cats fetch? One of my five does and has done so since a wee kitten.
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Pollýanna fetched a lot when she was about a year old, both birds and mice (and brought them to me, alive, I have had chase mice around the house quite some times...), but she doesn´t do that anymore.
Feykirófa fetches a lot, and it looks like she has a theme each time. One summer she brought me these huge worms a few every day, one summer all those bumble bees, some time small tree branches, some times candywrappers, and I think she must be running out of theme ideas, because the other day, she brought me 2 seashells and a stone all stuck together with some seaweed!

Do your cats fetch?
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Toes will fetch when he's playing or if I have all my makeup and nail stuff out, Tailer will play with it and Toes will bring it back to me.

Do you live or work near an airport and does it disturb you in any way?
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Actually I do. And it's technically an "international" airport too. My house is probably about 2 miles from it, if I had to guess. And no, it doesn't disturb me in any way. (I barely notice the train when it goes by, blowing its whistle, across the street. )

Do you like extreme sports?
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No--rugby and soccer are about as extreme as I get. I occasionally watch ice dancing too.

What's your favorite season?
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