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Not yet! I normally work till 11pm and am up till 1 or 2 am. It's only a quarter after 9 right now.

Have you ever been in or considered going into the military?

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nope. but my dad wanted to send me to militay school when I was a teen

how many cats do you have?
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4--1 that's my parents that I rescued a long time ago, Toes and Tailer, and as of today a Meow-Chi robotic cat (LOL).

Have you ever lived in a different country than the one you were born in?

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Just one.

Do you want more kitties in your household or do you think you're at a good number now?
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More more more!!!!

do you own any other animals other than cats?
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Fish--a betta, 3 Koi, and a bottom cleaner (don't know what they really are).

Are you worried about a terrorist attack?
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Not here in NZ

Fave type of [eating] fish?
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Well, I don't really like seafood, but I don't mind an occasional tuna sandwich with lettuce on it. (The tuna must have a bit of mayo mixed in... chopped up celery is a bonus. )

Is there any specific seafood you don't like?
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FISH ...LOL I hate all seafood though I can live with Tuna & Lettuce

Do you like Bacon OR Ham best?
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BACON:homer: ---(u know how he drools)

Do u pay department store lotion or cvs?-scents
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As far as body lotion goes, I get whatever is cheapest at Walmart, LOL. For scented lotion and perfume, it depends, I don't buy a lot, but when I do, I generally get something from a department store.

What is your favorite kind of perfume?
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It's actually a men's fragrance called Jazz but I love the scent.

Do you listen to talkback radio?
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All the time! My favorite host is a former mayor of San Diego who occasionaly subs for Rush (I'm not a Rush fan, though).

Do you like to garden?
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Do you have a Flower Garden?
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We just started one, actually. We threw in a bunch of annuals and planted a punch of perennials! I can't wait!

How is the weather looking in your area for the weekend?
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WEt, and rainy..that's it... ick

what are you having for supper tonight?
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Kathy , I have JUST had breakfast, hate too think about Dinner!

What did you last eat?
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Icecream, a Toffifay, and a Tangerine sour. Yep, all sweets.

Do you like mustard?
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A must have in the fridge , Yummy!

Where do you store your butter?
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Don't use butter but the light spread is in the fridge.

Have you tried the green Tabasco sauce?
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How many cats do you have?
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Answered this once before but here we go---

4: 1 lives with my folks, Toes and Tailer who are vacationing with my folks, and as of yesterday a Meow-chi robotic cat (great fun and it drives my husband nuts!).

Do you like salad?
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Do you like fish?
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Love it when it's done right--really love good sushi!

Have you tried bleaching your teeth?
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Fave song?
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Hmmm . . . that's a tough one. Probably Zombie by The Cranberries.

Favorite movie?
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Matrix Reloaded ..

Eye Color[you not cats ]?
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ever eat turtle?
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Do you like get a yearly photo done of yourself & family?
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Where are you going on vacation this summer?
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