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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 122  

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Not yet..but will soon..my kids love em!!!

are you excited for summer?
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Not a whole one but one of the quarter ones. My family loves watermelon!!

Is there a vegetable that you didn't eat as a kid that you eat now??
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Yes! squash! I love it now!! yummm

how do you like your potatoes? smashed, fried, baked or however?
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My favorite is baked with all the goodies, but I'll eat any kind of potatoes.

Do you have any fish?

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in my fish tank yes!
do you have childern?
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One stepson who I consider my own. And my two kitties. Trying for more of both kinds.


Do you have a piggy bank?

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do you have a checking or savings account?
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yes not a lot in either!
Do you own or rent?
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still rent unfortunatley.. going to buy soon hopefully this year!

Do you know how to roller skate?
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yes been doing it since I was 2 ( my aunt is the owner of the rink!
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I used to ice skate as a child, but am very un-coordinated on roller skates.

Do your kitties like fruit? My Sonny loves fresh peaches and mango.
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Do you like sardines?
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LOVE sardines!

Do your kitties like veggies? Toes loves tomatoes and canned asparagus.

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I don't believe so, although I don't really give Spike table food, so I can't be sure.

Do you like to do arts and crafts?
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I don't have a choice when it comes to Toes and tomatoes or canned aspargus....LOL....Love arts and crafts--spend a lot of time doing them with our son.

Do you prefer real crime shows or crime drama?

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How often do you wash your sheets on your bed?
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Depends on my husband's job--no really! sometimes he gets filthy and then he crawls in bed with his work clothes on--YUCK!!!! Usually 1-2 weeks.

Do you deal with a hellish ex of your significant other or spouse (or is the ex really nice)?

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No, and I hope I don't ever have to..

If someone gave you a big bag of lemons today, what would you do with them?
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Make lemonaid!!!

Do you pay your bills on time?
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most of the time!

do you?
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I try to. But when I don´t have the money, I have to "forget" some bills sometimes.

Do you do something that is good for the environment?
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I don't litter and I recycle!

What is your favorite late night snack?
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Coke Mmmmmmm Yummy

What is your fav. GREEN Food?
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Hmm... good question. I like zucchini an awful lot... it's green on the outside. If that doesn't count, I'd have to say broccoli, or green beans...

Regular or diet soda?
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do you drink the generic soda's like Sam's Cola or Always Save brand cola?
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Neither, I don't drink soda.

What's your favorite drink (alcoholic or non)?

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I don't drink..my favorite drink in the whole world is iced sweet tea!! Yummmm

Do you take walks by yourself outside?
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All the time, but I prefer to have my husband with me for company.

Are you watching TV right now, and if you are, what are you watching?

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nope, the tv is in the next room, I would have to get up and go out of here if I was..

are you getting sleepy yet? I am...It is about bedtime for me..It's a quarter after 11:00 here...
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