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Pepsi or Coke?
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how often do you vacuum your house?
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Twice a week

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Once a week or whenever there are too many tufts of Buddy scattered around.

How often do you clean the bathroom?
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Every other day?
Do you take your car to the car wash?
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not as much as I should

Do you wear sunglasses?
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Do you tan easily?
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No I burn
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I have alot of cherokee indian in me so I tan very easily..I stay tan all year round...

what other boards do you go to other than TCS?
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Everyonce in a while Pets on the net,It is not nearly as good as this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have a few others I frequent, a couple of them are parenting boards though...
am I a traider since I go to other boards too??
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Well if you are then so am I !
What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
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hmm.....cookies and cream!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Do you make ice cream with snow in the winter time?
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no I hate snow,only go out when I have to!
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I never made it, but my parents did when I was a kid....

Ever been to a desert?
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I LIVE in the Sonoran Desert.

Favorite cookie?
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I don't know Is there a desert in Texas? I lived in Texas for 3 years! I know it was hot!
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Nutter Butter

Do you change oil every 3000 miles?
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No. I pay someone to do it.

Natural nails or acrylics?
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Natural. So hard and fast growing that it´s sometimes anoying!!!

How is your eyesight? (And if you had a lazer surgery, how was it before that) I mean how much + or -
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Funny you should ask, I just had them done. I'm pecking away at the keyboard because I think I left them too long.

Have you ever used a be-day(sp?)?
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No, I've never used a bidet. They aren't that common, in this country. The only place that I've ever seen one, was at a hardware store.

Prior to my LASIK surgery, my eyesight was worse than 20/400. I couldn't see the big "E" on the eye chart. Now, I'm 20/20, in my left eye and 20/25, in the right. Together, I'm 20/20. Took about 5 minutes, for each eye and I never felt a thing.

Do you do your own nails or get manicures?
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I do my own nails, but I would LOVE to get a manicure!

Do you plock your eyebrows or let someone else do it?
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I do EVERYTHING, myself - nails, hair color, eyebrows, etc. The only thing that I go out for, is haircuts.

Does eyebrow waxing hurt much? (Been thinking about it)
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I don;t know never had it done!
fav. ice cream?
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Chocolate/banana :icecream: Yummy...

What are your cats doing righ now?
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Hehe... sleeping! Go figure. His newest favorite place to sleep is on the afgan I'm attempting to knit. I only get a few stitches done before he hops up and plops down on it and me... I think it might be taking longer than it should to finish.

Do you like flavored teas?
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I like Lemon Tea, None other YUCK

Coffee or Tea?
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