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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 113  

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Sure they will!!!

am I going to get to take a nap today?
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Hmmm . . . if you're as tired as I am, probably! LOL

If you were me, would you spend today unpacking some more, or going out with friends? (While Alex is at work?)
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Out with friends, afterall you moved in together you should unpack together!

Do you wear a house coat all the time? (I think it's the same as a rob)
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I have a robe but I've only worn it once or twice in the 8 years I've had it.

Do you recycle?
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Yes, I even pick my neibhors trash sometimes for the stuff.....I know crazy!

Has your bum ever gone numb sitting here for so long? lol
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YES!! I hate to admit I sit here that long though.

Do you ever lose track of time while on the computer and get to bed wayyyyyyyy to late?
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Bed what's that? Of course, i do that!!

I already know the answer but do you go to dating sites?----u know just for fun/making fun
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Yeah, of course I do! How else would I find a date in the year 2003! LOL I'm just kidding. I've been happily married for 8 years now. My DH and I met in an air force training school and the rest is history.

Would you consider dating someone whose face you couldn't see until you were married, like that new show "Mr. Personality?"
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Yes! I would never date someone just because they were good looking. If they have an awesome personality, that's all that really matters!

What about you?
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I would as long as I could see their eyes. I think a persons eyes tell alot about them. I'm with you on the whole personality thing, its very important much more so than looks!

Do you eat your 5 servings of fruits and vegetable each day? (I'm going to school for degree in nutritional sciene )
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Sure DON'T

* What's your favorite candy bar?
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When I was little-r I loved whatchamacallits!!!!!

Favorite condomint?
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Mexican hot sauce!

Do you eat jalapenos?
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Not right off the plant or whole but yes, in dishes. yummy.

Do you get extra butter on your popcorn?
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I use butter sprinkles, at home. It doesn't get all greasy, that way. Tastes good, too!

Do you watch your fat intake?
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no.do you like cheese cake?
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I love cheesecake!!

Do you have big plans for the weekend?
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No It is going to rain all weekend
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Not to real kids..just my furkids! Hope to become a Mom someday.

How many graduations will you have to attend this year?
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Uhm... none. At least I can't think of any.

Favorite flavor of tictacs?
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I always have a pack of wintergreen ones, in my pocket. I can't smoke, at work so they satisfy my oral fixation.

Do you munch at work?
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56-60 hours a week

Brown Gravey or White Gravey?
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strawberry jam or apple jelly?
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would you rather ride a train and fly on a plane?
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Train - I'm afraid to fly.

Do you get tired of people saying, "SMILE!"?
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do you leave messages on peoples voice mail or answering machines?
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Yes. I hate hangups on mine.

Do you have a "cutesy" voice mail message?
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This is the message we have on ours

You have reached ***-****, please leave us a message....Beeeep..

How plain is that?? so nope. not cute

On holidays like christmas or thanksgiving , do you have it at your house usually or do you travel?
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At our house usually, I hate flying during the holidays.

Have you ever "gave up" your seat on an overbooked flight?
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have you been using your A/C yet this Spring?
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