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Alternative Rock!

Whats your favorite Trilogy (movie-wise)??
(Mine's Back To The Future...gotta love Michael J. Fox,in fact he's my fave actor,me and my kitty watch all of his movies..muhahaha ..except when I watch Teen Wolf my kitty hides)
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Peanut Butter Fudge

2 C. Sugar 1/2 C. Milk 5 TBSP. Peanut Butter 1/4 tsp. vanilla

Mix and stir CONSTANTLY over controlled heat until it registers "soft ball" stage on candy thermometer. Don't trust it; stir constantly means JUST THAT ! It can burn quickly if not stirred or heat is too high. . . .

Remove from heat and stir in 1 TBSP. butter or margarine. Continue to stir until it firms some and color will lighten. Don't let it get too stiff, though. Pour into Pam sprayed pan that is around 8"x11' by 1' deep or so. Cool and cut into squares.

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OMG I Back To the Future as well ...

Yummy PB recipe !!!

Fave Sandwhich filling ( Ham,Spam,Egg,Corn?? )
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I LOVE cheddar/pimento cheese spread ! (and, as others on this site will tease me about; I like Spam)

Are you a pickle lover ?
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no, I'm mainly a Darlene lover!!

I have missed you so much!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled to see you posting. Let's talk real soon, k???

now back to our regularily scheduled program......
Do you prefer sweet pickles or dill pickles?
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Sweet Pickles! Yummy!

What is your favorite song of ALL time?
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"If you wanna"

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Zombie, by The Cranberries
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Oops! Forgot to post a question, too!

Ummm, what is your favorite type of fast food? (If you eat fast food.)
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Fave Fruit?
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chocolate syrup on your vanilla ice cream or not?
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Caremel , choc , or a berry syrup ?
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Caramel with nuts !!! Fav song of all time: "Two Outta Three" Meatloaf

New (?): Do you "LURK" in chatrooms where you would be embarassed if some people knew you were there ?
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Ohh... tough.. I want caramel AND chocolate syrup!

Your sundae with or without nuts?
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New (?): Do you "LURK" in chatrooms where you would be embarassed if some people knew you were there ?

I do lurk on a couple of message boards which relate to shooting like AR15.com, not because I would be embarrassed if anyone knew I was there, but because I am female and most of the people on the board are men.

Can you field strip and re-assemble your weapon blind-folded (or in the dark)?
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I don't even know what field-stripping is! LOL So, no! I'm totally gun ignorant, which probably isn't really good, since Alex is totally Texan and owns like 3 guns, and wants more . . . (sounds like how I am with cats, LOL)

What does what you just said mean, anyway?
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Field Stripping is a partial disassembly of a weapon for cleaning.

Have you ever heard the Vaughn Brothers "Good Texan" song? (I love that one)
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Never heard of it

Is the Best Online cat site that you are a member to?
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I only belong to TCS ! It is the BEST I have found.

New ?: Can you change a flat tire or your own oil ?

My Dad made us all learn (boys or girls) those two things.

Even though I have rarely had my own vehicle; I have done this many times. even for male friends who didn't have a clue how to do either.
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I could BUT why? Thats why people get paid their mimunm wage.

What's the mininum wage where you live? Here in Mass I think it's $6.75, but I'm not sure I never worked for that low, nor would I!!!
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Tucson follows the Federal minimum wage, what ever that is, now. I make more than that, though.

Dressy, casual or uniform, where you work?
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Where I use to work I was the head honcho, so for me everyday it was suits and stuffyness but I let my employees dress casual as long as it was appropreate, no shorts or skimmpy wear.

How short are your shorts?
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I do not wear those short shorts! My thighs are too chubby for those! I don't know why anyone would want to wear their shorts so short that their butt cheeks are hanging out!

Do you prefer tank tops or tee shirts?
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Just tee shirts....

how often do you shave your legs? (for the females )
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Whenever I'm planning on wearing a skirt.

Do you own a suit? (This goes for male or female)
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nope..never have..

do you wear hats?
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I look completely dorky in hats... so no.

Do you wear any jewelry on a daily basis?
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just my wedding band and mothers day ring hubby got me last year..that's it..

Do you use your A/C during the summer or just open windows?
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If it is really hot we put on the A/c.

Will my trainees pass their test on Monday?
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