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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 111  

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Rocky is..Fluffy isn't....

what are ways your kitties tell you they love you?
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Smokey dances for me and Squeaker kisses my nose

Do you take your cats to the vet on a regular schedule (re: once a year) rather they are sick or well ?
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Did you go to see X-Men 2 this weekend? (I did - it was great! )
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That is not on in New Zealand.

Fave Movie of all time?
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anything with Mel Gibson

fav tv show??
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Shortland Street
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Star trek hee hee

fav flower?
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Favorite saying?
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Show your cats FAT and breed them THIN

Your Fave Saying?
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What is your favorite color?
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What is your favorite berry ?
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I love strawberries. I could eat them all day. Strawberry shortcake, strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream .......

Do you still eat PB&J sandwiches?
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Oh, YES ! (with strawberry jam)

Do you like peanut butter fudge ? I have a simple recipe for it that is simply scrumptious. . . . . . . .Let me know if you want me to post it.
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Yumm!! yes I do!! please post it!!!!

do you like tuna salad?
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Tuna Salad !
What part of EGG BEST? Yolk or White?
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If it's fried eggs, then the dippy middle yellow, all dippy!

How much a month you thnk you spend on the kittys?
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are you watching the Lakers game tonight?
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I hardly ever watch tv, no time! In fact my tv is still in the box from when I bought it, almost 3 weeks ago.

How much tv do you watch?
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I don't watch very much TV!

What about you?
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I dont watch tv until the kids go to bed at night

do you have a cordless phone?
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No, the house phone is rarely used, I mostly use my cell phone, come to think of it why do I have a house phone. I have broadband, whats the point?

Do you have a cell phone?
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Yup, use my cell phone daily

do you check your email daily?
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I try, and only answer whom I want to, so I have unread from last week still.

Do you open your spam?
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nope - delete

how many email addresses do you have?
(I have about 8)
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Are hiding in all those. I only have......well,ok 3. It's not half as bad as you though.

How often do find a furball?............me, yuck like everyday
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Not since I started giving Buddy hairball goop. Opie and Rowdy don't have a problem with hairballs.

What brand of hairball goop do you use?
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A brush! Trent *should* have hairball goop, but he refuses - adamantly. Do you know how hard it is to get flung hairball goop off the walls? Ophelia loved it, but she doesn't get hairballs. Silly cat!

Do you like it full on sunny or slightly overcast? (I like it overcast, I should live in Seattle!)
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I like when the sun plays peek-a-boo in short bursts, just enough to keep it a tad cool.

Do you wear make-up?
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No, but I am addicted to ChapStick.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
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I will post the fudge recipe. . . . I'm afraid I probably watch too much TV. My favorite program is CSI (the original).

Favorite style music ?
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