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I have been skiing every year except two since I was nine years old. My mom is from Massachusettes, so we always go on family ski trips.
Personally I prefer islands. Here is a link to my dream vacation!!!
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Yes. I haven´t for a long time though, it´s even time for me to get new skies. I only have to drive for about 30 minutes to the ski/skilift area, but the last winters have been so mild, that there have been so very few open days there due to lack of snow here in the southwest courner.

Do you ski?
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Childhood Hero ? Toss up between Michaelangelo and Nancy Drew. Were you raised relegious ? (is that correct grammar, Deb25 ?)
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Pentecostal church and Sunday school, every week. Sunday and Wednesday nights, twice-a-year camp meetings and several revivals, each year.

Do you go to church, now?
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Do you hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off, or do you get up immediately?
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Sometimes I hit it for an hour, drives my husband nuts.

Do you have any annoying habits which drive your significant other nuts?
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I worry too much, it drives him mad. and I talk too much! hee hee. a normal conversation to me is too much for him, he starts to think we're argueing and not 'duscussing' something.

What do you to to calm down after a stressful day?
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DRINK, NO,NO, I'm only kidding, I come home and don't look at computer, phone messages, I leave the outside world there, outside, then turn on only little lights and usually take a scented bath. AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh

Do you like bubble baths?(that tickle your nose)My kittys do!!
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I like bubble baths, but not anymore. No tub in the new apt. Got a great shower, though.

New (?): What is your idea of the perfect "comfort food" ? Mine would be mashed potatoes.
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McDonalds french fries

what is your favorite bird?
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I'm not too crazy about birds, in general.

Are cats acting weird, lately or, is it just mine?
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I think it's just yours...

what are you having for lunch/dinner?
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Snacking, for lunch; chicken-fried steak for dinner (Bill's cooking).

Do you like Hot Pockets.
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Never had them. Seen them, but have never tried them.

New (?): Fiction, non-fiction. or some of both ?
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hmm... do you mean in tv or books? I like documentary tv shows and reality shows and cops stuff. But with my books, I like romance

What's you fav shape of diamond? round, oval, heart, pointy????
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oval shape...

did you ever sneak out of your house at night when everyone was sleeping when you were a teen?
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Baggette, but I prefer emeralds over diamonds !

New (?): Are you more like your father or mother ?
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No. The dogs were light sleepers and would have awakened my dad and he would have KILLED me!

Can you sneak out, now without being caught?
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No way! My husband would kill me!

what kind of car do you drive?
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We own a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge.

How many vehicles have you owned?
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we have owned 2..right now we are paying on a 1997 Pontiac Transport...we have our Jeep wagoneer paid for,,,but it is about to fall apart on us though...

do you rent or own?
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Bill owns the house and I contribute to the household expenses.

How many bedrooms do you have?
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do you have a fenced in backyard?
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Katl8e and Rockand Fluff'sMom, is it okay if I am in this thread ? I rent an apt. now since I have limited mobility due to my arthritis and ALS.

New (?): Do you think have a living will ?
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Sure, the more the merrier.

I don't have a living will but, I think that its a good idea, especially if your family doesn't agree with your choices.

Can you tell when your cats are dreaming?
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Yes, my Squeaker lays in the window in the sun and is sound asleep; except she is making her little "talk to the birds" chirping noises. . . . . . .so I think that is when she is dreaming.

Do you think that our cats sense our moods ? Mine are very empathetic.
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I think so, all of my many moods. Sometimes they even sense them when I'm not in them----like Maple is very moody, except in bed, she's a big bed baby!!

How often do you change the kitty litter?
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Scoop daily, change weekly.

Covered or open litter box?
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once a week
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Two covered!!pwwwww!!!

Are you kittys beg-ers?
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