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Don't want to throw this thread off. . . . so I will answer my own question. There ARE way too many reality (or should I say stupidity) shows on TV. Sometimes I wonder how DUMB they really think we are. I like the Survivor show and Big Brother and shows like American Idol or Star Search that preview new talent, but I really wonder WHO watches that ignorant "Blimpet" Monica Lewensky pimp for losers in bad Halloween masks who want to feel up a dim-witted wanna-be Bachlorette. . . . . . .And don't even get me started on WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS buys her ugly, over-priced hand bags. It's not like she makes 'em. I don't even believe she designs 'em !

New (?) : In this day and age of "A con a minute" Do you still give to charities ?
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I just give to the local Humane Society and the Hermitage no-kill cat shelter, nothing national.

Do your cats like dogs?
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It's not how dumb we are, but how 'smart' they are. When they can pay one Joe American a million bucks for winning, it's still tons less than the gazillion dollars per episode that the actors are getting for series television. Reality tv comes down to one thing for the networks: $ and ¢.

Ok, that said....I only donate to well known charities.

New question: Did they really find Baby Sabrina Aisenburg?
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My cats (which have remained at my sister's house), are split on whether thew like or merely "tolerate" the two dogs. For the most part, the cats are indoors and the dogs in the basement and fenced in run. The twins, who are with me are just sorta scared of dogs and they really do not leave the apt.

I am like Katl8e; I only give to the SPCA and two no-kill cat rescues in my area.

NEW (?): Do you use flea collars or the monthly/90 day FrontLine style medication ?

I ask this because a dear friend of mine recently lost her cat to an allergic reactin to the monthly preventative. She had been treating the 10 yr. old cat for over a year this way with no ill effects, but the vet said that the reaction had built up over time and then caused heart failure. . . . . Now I am sorta scared to treat the twins this way. They are +8 yrs. old.
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We haven't had a flea problem, to date and if it ain't broke - don't fix it. We've had Ike for a year and he's never had a tick, either.

On the flip side: do your dogs like cats?
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My dog thinks she's a cat, does that count?
And Kornflake thinks he's a dog, does that count?
Scary, but not like the cartoon!!!!!

Do your kityys do any "tricks"?
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Not really. They all have their quirks, though.

Do your cats bug you, when the bowl is empty?
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My kittys bug me all the time, even if there is food in one bowl, or 4 full and 2 empty they think it's the end of the world!!!!! (like their starving)

What kind of food do you serve to the kittys?
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Authrity dry and canned...their favorite!!!

what kind do you use?
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Since we have 7, and the boxes are "better" if they eat dry, they get Purina Cat Chow!!! and one Sunday a month they get wet. (usually before litter change )

Do you grow special kitty grass or catnip or anything for them to munch instead of plants?
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I have a big potted catnip plant. Opie sprawls on the floor, like stoned hippie, Rowdy gets wilder and Buddy gets even mellower.

Do you cats "steal" things to play with?
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Of course!!!! What trinkit is safe from the rath(sp?) of the furry?

Do your kittys hump each other?------Wieland (I guess alhpa male) even though he's snipped is always humping everyone??????????
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No, I only have one cat.

Did you get your taxes in on time?
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Way ahead of time!!!!! They did it FREE at school for me

Are you a procrastanator?
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I can be but when it comes to the important things I'm usually good about getting done. My drycleaning usually sits at the cleaners for a week after it's ready . Right now I'm avoiding picking up a dress for my husbands military formal dinning out. The alterations have been done for over a week.

Have you ever been to a formal event as an adult? Like a dinner or black tie event.
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do you know how to make signatures?
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Well my husband helped me make mine. He just uploaded a picture to our webspace then added a link to it in the signature option.

What's going on with yours?
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I don't know...I put the [IMG] and [/IMG] between my URL with no spaces but it isn't working for some reason.
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That's pretty weird. Your picture just shows up as a link but when I click on it it's there. I wish I knew what to do to help you.
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sorry, i think I am disrupting this thread...is there a moderater out there who can fix it for me?
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it is fixed now...let the game continue

do you like snakes?
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I HATE snakes. We found a 72 inch cotton mouth on our porch last spring. What is your favorite flower?
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Do you use just one scent or switch around?
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My house smells like one big giant vanilla bean Vanilla is my favorite!!!

for air freshenor do you use plug ins, spray, or carpet freshenor,, or what do you use?
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I use carpet deodorizer on the carpets and in the litter box, spray for sudden stinks (mostly dog farts) and Febreeze on the furniture.

Does your checkbook balance?
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most of the time..no

do you have a savings account?
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A small one. . . .

Do you go_to Casinos ?
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Yes there is one 5 minutes from here

Do you like mountains or islands?
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CoCo; I love your avatar and your Hell-o Kitty !

I love islands. Mountains are pretty, but I don't feel, the urge to climb them or anything.

Have you skied ? I tried once and decided there were better ways to commit suicide; if I were ever so inclined.
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I have skied, 3 times. I sucked, but it was a lot of fun.

Who was your childhood hero?
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