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My five kitties eat about one and half to two cups (total) of dry food and two cans of wet each day. I am feeding them Wellness, Royal Canin dry and Fancy Feast wet.

Do any of your kitties have wierd habits (my Sonny Boy loves the way my face tastes at night he would lick all of the moisturizer off of my face if I were to allow it)
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Hoots eats so little, but still has a weight problem. Im going to post about it some day. Binks eats a whole can of friskies plus some dry food.

Have you a Chow hound in your house ?
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Buddy hits the bowl at least a dozen times a day. He's the first one there, when I fill it.

Canned, dry or both?
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dry only. The cats won't touch the wet stuff!

Do you brush your cats teeth?
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No. I cant see myself wrestling with the cats tryng to brush there teeth

Whats a condiment you cant live with out?
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salad dressing
do you eat hot dogs
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Mexican hot sauce.

Hot, mild or medium salsa?
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Favorite veggie?
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Green Beans

do you have a printer on your computer?
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Cats' "Wierd Habits" ? Where do I begin. . . .LOL
I have twin girls Squeaker and Smokey.
Smokey does her "business" and Squeaker covers for her.
What I mean is Smokey poops and leaves the litter box and Squeaker comes in and covers the poop with the litter and then leaves. She has always done this and Smokey does NOT reciprocate !
Do you "understand" (or even like) white chocolate ? It never tastes like chocolate to me. . .
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White chocolate - ick!

How often do you get your hair cut?
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Not often enough. . . .It needs cutting now
Actually, about twice a year.
What is your preference,(comfort wise), sweats or jeans ?
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Actually, around the house, pajama bottoms and T-shirt.

Sandals or sneakers, in summer?
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Sandals or flip-flops for comfort, but sneakers if I have to walk any distance. I need the support.

Are you aaa-fraid of or iii-ntrigued by thunderstorms, etc. ?

They terrify me because I was struck by lightning when I was 4......!

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I'm very scared of Thunderstorms !! *eeeeeek*

Spotted , Marble , or Tabby Cats BEST?
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ALL cats are the best! (Well, those poor nekkid Sphinx cats ARE pretty pathetic.)

Do you use coupons?
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Sometimes ....

Honey or Jam?
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do you read true crime books?
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Strawberry preserves.

Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?
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Crunchy Peanut Butter
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YOU? , Crunchy or Smooth PB
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Super chunky PB.

Do you like grape jelly? (I hate the stuff. When I was a kid, it was the only kind Mom would buy 'cuz it was CHEAP!)
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I hate grape for the same reason!
I love black raspberry jam!
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I'm not much of a jelly person, but I love cinnamon/sugar on my toast ! I guess after that; I like peach preserves.

Do you think there are entirely TOO MANY reality programs on TV ?
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Bless my damn soul, but I think I detect a member from the olden days!!!!!!! Could it be?????
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I think my reality has been lacking since you left Darlene! You have been MISSED!
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Hey, DEB. . . Hey, MaryAnne. . . . . .

I'm trying to get back in touch.

Is AP a star in Hollywood now ?

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Heck no, she's the same nobody she always was! Catch up all you want. It's so GOOD to see you!
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