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My garden is inside, and the flowers go on the porch in things(?), but no we haven't planted them yet.

Do your kittys like baskets or boxes to nap in?
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They have little kitty beds and any time they find a box they are happy.

What do you do when you can't fall asleep?
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Toss and turn and then worry why can't I fall asleep, then toss and turn more, and then count. Usually by the 4th time to hundred I'm slipping away.

On your walls do you have expensive art or just stuff?
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Family pix, cat pix, several plaques and awards and three landscapes and seascapes, painted by a friend of Bill's.

Rent or own a rug shampooer?
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I always rent one. I could have bought three of them by now. I'm so silly .

Do you have a summer vacation planned yet?
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Vacation.....what's that? I have residence-c then back to classes, fun,fun,fun!!!!

do u have any?
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We plan on staying at home while our parents visit us. We take turns visiting every summer because we are in Nebraska and they live in New York.

How many states or places have you been to?
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I've lived in Arizona, NC and California and passed through a lot of states. I've, also been to Canada, Haiti, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and several places, in Mexico.

Dress code is casual: jeans or dress pants, for my first day at work?
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To many to count, thats for sure!!!! I've been to every continent at least 5/6 times in different spots, some more some less. My wings are tired.

Do you have your tires rotated?
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I don't have tires ! except on my Power Chair. . . . Do I Have to rotate those ??? NEW Question : Did You Miss Me ?
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Of course!!! What a question!

Who gave you your first kiss?
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some guy named Tim, a looooooooooong time ago when I was 15 years old...

did you marry your first love?
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no(high school)
or my second(fist yr at Brown)
and almost my thrid, but day before while eating breakfast we decided not to go through with it.

When tanning do you use oil, cream, crisco????anything?
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nothing...I just burn... I am dark complected,,,I have lots of Indian in me so I have good skin..no need to use anything...

what time is it where you are at right now?
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12:11 in the afternoon

Do you like where you live?
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I love where I live and I never want to move again !!!

If you could have any profession; what would you choose ?
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I would be a singer and teacher, which is what I became, and a mother! That is even more important!

What did you plan to become while in high school?
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A doctor...........I'm still working on that.

Do you have to go to dump or have trash pickup?
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Trash is usually picked up twice a week.

.....so now that we know the first person that kissed you.

Who did you have your very first crush on??
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Ringo Starr - I was six and the Beatles were the coolest thing, that I'd ever seen! (Showing my age, huh?)

Did YOU see the Beatles, on the "Ed Sullivan Show"?
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I think I was three or four years old, it's amazing how I can remember that but could not tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday. And I can't resist answering this one also...

Who did you have your very first crush on??

Robert Burlingham, of Brunswick Ohio...I think I was ten years old at the time.

Are any of your friends or relatives married to any of your old flames? (One of my sisters married one of mine)
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None of my relatives are with any exes.

Do you use sunless tanners?
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Do you mean the lotions or tanning booth? I have tried the booth, took me about seven weeks to get really tan for a trip to Las Vegas and then I became addicted to the look of the tan so I did it for around six months. Too boring laying in the booth, and I was suspicious of the guy who operates the place so I quit going.

Are you a trusting person, or not?
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No, I don't trust easily.

Are you romantically attracted to older or younger persons?
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Slightly older (than myself).

If you had to pick one - Donuts, muffins or bagels?
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Beard, mustache or clean-shaven?
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clean shaven!!!!

clay litter or clumping litter?
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Do you keep a box of baking soda, in your refrigerator?
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Yes, but I think it's been in there for about five years.

Do you eat leftovers or just keep them until you clean the fridge?
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Bill takes them, for lunch and once back to work, so will I.

How much do your cats eat, per day?
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