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Hmmm . . . never tried taking any pets to Petsmart! I like to go myself, though, maybe I'll bring Luna when she's leash trained . . .

Do any of your cats walk on a leash?
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When Wieland was little he would, now he just rolls around and around and ties himself up like a sauage then screams. Heck even the dog doesn't like the leash.

Ever put your kids on a leash?

I remember seeing that at amusement parks?....I guess so they won;t get lost
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I used to tie a dress sash to my belt loop, with the other end tied to Mark's. I tied his end in the back, so that he couldn't reach it.

Did your kids learn to swim, while very young?
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No, My kids haven't taken swimming lessons yet. They are 6 and 3. I was thinking about starting them this summer.

Were you ever a girl scout?
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No. We moved around too much, when I was a kid.

Did you go to summer camp?
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but I did attend a "silent weekend" for adults in Northern CA which was held at a summer camp. I loved it. I'd really like to go to the Family Week at Camp Winarainbow.

Did you send your children to Summer Camp? (I had to force my son to go, but he did enjoy it)
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One of my son's was a club scout
do you like fried rice?
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No, I prefer the sticky steamed white rice.

Do you like Chow Fun Noodles?
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never heard of it.
What is it?
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It is like chow mein, but with wide noodles.

Do you eat the fortune cookie or just read your fortune?
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I eat the cookie.

Do you say "in bed" after you read your fortune?
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For a moment I was very confused with that question! I forgot about the 'in bed' thing with fortune cookie fortunes! So no, I guess I don't.

What is your favorite food to get from Chinese takeout?
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uhh rice. I've had too many food poisonings from chinese food to feel safe with anything else.

What's this stay in bed thing?
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I don't know..never heard of it

do you like to drive in the rain?
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Like it.........ummmm.....I do it but wouldn't save like it.

Scoopable or not......for kitty litter?
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yes, scoopable is the only way for my kitties!! Rocky will poop on the floor if I use clay brand....that is how he tells me what he thinks of it..

do your cats sleep with you?
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Yes, Maple on my right, Wieland up near my head, Loki bottom left, Licorice in between legs, Cornflake on floor in bedroom, and now due to my Mom on vacation the dog up on my left side with head on pillow (spoiled)

Back to the rice thing........instant or 20min kind?
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20minute kind unless making my rice broccoli, cheese, casserole which calls for instant rice...

do yu=ou celebrate your cats birthday with a party and all?
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No. The only pet, who's birthday I'm sure of, is Ike. Besides, THEY don't celebrate MY birthday.

Have you ever bought print cartridges over the Internet?
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I've never bought anything over net.....a little parnoid because I've bought from QVC. One thing was nice a fountian and the necklace buaetiful on tv in person was cheapy-cheap looking.

Ever hire a maid?
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I wish!

What's for breakfast?
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tears, chocolate, and cranberry juice

and coffe back at 7am
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I forgot question: coffee black or cream?
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Cream and Splenda in my coffee. Black coffee makes my hair stand on end.

How often do you do laundry?
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Everyday!!! at least twice a day

what is your favorite scent?
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Scent for laundry soap? I always use Tide or Gain. I like my clothes to to reak of clean.

Softner or dryer sheets?
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Downey!!!!----snuggles bear scares me!!!!

Is your vacuum monster: bags or bagless, upright or canister?
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I have a Simplicity Sentury. It's an upright with a bag. I've always wanted a bagless but mine works fine so I can't see buying a new one.

How many stamps to you buy at one time?
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however many I need at the time

have you turned on your A/C yet this year?
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I did turn it on one day so far. I'm in Nebraska so the temps are mostly in the 70's this time of year?

Have you planted any flowers this year?
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