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Two, Pollýanna and Feykirófa.

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Tupperware! I love Tupperware. I live in Pinole which is about 25 miles north east of San Francisco.

What is the weather like where you are now?
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about 40
how hot is it in CALF.?
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I have five kitties, it is around 65 or 70 today (I think)...not hot today. Rainy and overcast.

Favorite weather?
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I have not been to Pinole, but I lived for a year in California, in Menlo Park and Sunnyvale (I prefer Menlo Park)

How old are your cats?
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Trixie is 15, Sonny is 14, Argylle and Little Sister are a little over one year old, and Tiny No-No Baby is seven months old.

Gotta go get ready for work now, will leave you with this question...

If you could do one thing over in your life, or re-live only one day what would it be would you do it differently or just re-live it exactly as it happened and enjoy the moment/process?

Take care, Mary
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I would have NOT gone on the first date with my ex, and enjoyed beeing HAPPY those 6 years...
Good question!

I ask it again!

I´m also off, not to work, but to bed!

Take care!
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Did you know lakeridog was a police officer?that is so cool!

steak or vegitarian
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Steak!!!! I'm a carnivore from way back.

glasses or contact lenses?
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I wore glasses, from 9 to 43 and then had LASIK surgery. Now, I just need reading glasses.

Would you have LASIK, if you could afford it?
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No way!

chicken or fish?
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Fish, if its shrimp.

Are you careful about your diet?
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I remember back when fish was cheep. I ate a lot of fish. Now fish is expensive.....i eat alot of chicken/

Do you buy and eat fruit?
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Yup, I just can't overdo it, or my stomach complains.

Do you use dial-up or broadband?
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Broadband.....I think I'd KILL myself if I had to go to dial-up!!!!!!

Do you salt & pepper for flavor or out of habit?
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flaver and habit!!

Have you turned your A/C on yet this year?
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We have an evaporative cooler and Bill needs to go up on the roof and get it ready, for summer. We're having 90 degree days, already. I've had all of the ceiling fans going, for several days, now.

Do you have ceiling fans?
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Yes 2
do you ever have snakes in your yard?
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Once I saw a dead bird under a yew. I was going to bury it, but when I got close, I saw it moving-- ! I thought it was alive, but when I approached, I saw that it was being dragged into a hole, a hole just wide enough for a snake! YUCK!

Do you feed the birds?
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No. I have enough bird poop, on my patio,as it is. Besides, having a lot of birds attracts coyotes.

Do you have any twins, in your family?
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triplets, not twins and that was without fertility drugs.

morning or night person?
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Night. Mom said that, when I was a baby, I lay in my crib gurgling and playing with my toes all night and slept all day.

What's the highest temperature, where you live?
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On extremely rare occasions, 100F. However, we sometimes have a whole week on several occasions in the 90's. Now, that's hot! Once, in Atlantic City, just next door, they had a temp. of 105 F when I was there!

I love Atlantic City and I don't gamble! Have you been there?
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have you ever been to Arkansas?
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Just driven through. My dad's from there, left at 17 and only went back to visit his parents. Must be a good reason.

Ever been to Arizona?
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yes..well, drove through there going to California a few years ago

have you ever broke a bone in your body?
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Both of my little toes (the right one twice), and my left ankle (twice).

Ever needed a cast?
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would you drive cross country coast to coast?
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with my kids no, without my kids yes... they are awful in the car..

do you take your cats to petsmart?
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We don´t have Petsmart, so, no. But I would really like to go there myself!!!
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