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Yes, I think it as arrogant to believe that we are the only living creatures in the universe.

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I think it is ignorant to think we are the only living things in the universe... yet I dont beleive in UFOs.

Heres an easy question. Whats you favorite breed of cat?
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It's a tie between Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coon Cats

Vacations - cruise or on land?
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That´t not an easy question!
If I had to pick just one, I would pick Birmans. Ask me again tomorrow!

Whats your favorite?
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On land. (Too late AGAIN!)

Your fav. breed of cats?
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My favorite breeds of cats id ragdolls. American shorthair silver, Siamese kittens,Birmans Maine coon, and a bunch of others.

Have you a favorie bird, pet or other wise?
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Love Birds are gorgeous
On average how many days a week do you visit this site?
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about 4 times a week.

Best coast - East or West?
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Im here 5-6 days a week depending on m work scheduel. When I work PMs i an on lots before i go to work. When i work days i am on much less.

I dont drink alot of soda pop. Do you?
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I drink around five glasses of diet seven-up a day.

How much coffee do you drink?
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In the mornings, about 3 cups...

flavored coffee or no?
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No flavor, soy sometimes.

Is there a Starbucks or Peets Coffee in your area?
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Have your cats gone into heat? Well, I guess, that is only a word for a female cat, so has your female cat gone into heat?
Pollýanna is in need of a Feline Romeo now, but we have decited to put her on the pill again, and see how it goes.
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If mine goes into heat, I'm havin' a chat with the vet.

Best coast - east or west?
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A pill for cats? Wow am I out of it, I never knew there was a birth control pill for kitties! My Tiny Baby, she is 7 months old, had one heat cycle. We had her fixed two weeks ago.

Do you have health insurance for your kitties?
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West for me.

Did you grow up where you live now? I grew up in Ohio
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No. Born and reared in Pennsylvania, now in Maine.

Would you move back to your old home town?
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Health insurance for pets is not available in Iceland.

And the other question, I would have to say West coast, since I have spent some time there, not really on the east coast.

What time is it now where you are? It´s 2.15 AM here.
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Wow, how slow can I bee?!?

It takes 7 minutes to drive from where I live now to the house where I grew up, so even though it´s in the next community, I kind of live at the same place, but yeah, I would move back to that community if I found the right place to live there, rather than somewhere else.

Do you think my answers are too long?
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It is 7:18 pm here, and I would not move back to Cleveland (because my family drives me NUTS)

What do you miss most from home?
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Your answers are just right.

Are you always up so late?
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A nice outdoor area, I can of course drive there, but it was nice to just open the door and there I was.

Which languages do you know?
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american sign language (my parents are deaf) and english. I would like to learn another language (spanish, mandarin or cantonese would help me at work)

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To late again!

Yes, I always go wayyyyyyy to late to bed! And then my son wakes up at 6 these days, has a bit of milk and then maybe sleeps for an hour more...I know this is such a stupit habit, but it´s no fun visitin TCS when there is nothing happening there...
And also, Icelanders go late to bed, have I noticed when I have lived abroad, at least much later than than the people that live in the countries I have been to.

Again, how many languages do you know?
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I have a friend who lives in the United Arab Emirates who serves dinner at around 11 pm (she is from India). I work the night shift from 10 pm - 8 am so this is my morning.

How old is your son?
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I would also love to learn chinese!!! I was going to take evening classed last years, but wasn´t able to, so maybe next year.

I speak english, german and danish fairly good, understand quite some in norwegian, swedish and french, but don´t speak as good. And the Faroe Island language, that is very close to Icelandic. I also would love to learn sign language and italinan.

What is your work?
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I am a Police Sergeant, I work patrol and am a Firearms Instructor.

Do you work?
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He is born on May 31st, so almost 11 months now.

Do you have children?
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Yes, one son. He is 22 years old and in his second year of college.

How many kitties do you have?
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At the moment I stay home, I wanted to stay home with my son for a year, but do work like todor german and sell Tupperware (well, when I´m up for it), but I have to start look around soon for something to do in the fall.

Where "near San Fransisco" do you live?
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