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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 102  

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snickers with almonds!!

Favorite lunch food?
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Cream Cheese or Butter , spread on bread?
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Light spread - gotta watch that saturated fat!

Beef or chicken?
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Meat or Vegetables?
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I am a carnivore.

White bread or dark?
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Wheat, so I guess dark.

Favorite time of day?
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early mornings...

what time do you go to bed?
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Depends - anytime between 8:00 and midnight.

Does your s/o snoring keep you awake?
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No, we actually don't share a bed yet. I don't think he snores, anyway, though. I do know from taking naps with him occasionally that he twitches sometimes, which startles me! LOL

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YES!!! He only does it when he is on his back, though. OMG...I hate it! Sometimes he doesn't do it, though....it just depends.

Milk-wise....Vit. D, 2%, Skim, etc???
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I buy 2%. Neither of us drinks it - we just use it for cooking.

Sharp or mild cheeses?
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Definitely sharp.

Clean-shaven or facial hair? (On men, of course!)
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bar soap or body wash?
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clean shaven!

train or plane?
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Train - I'm acrophobic.

Car, truck or SUV?
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hair gel or mousse?
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blue or black ink?
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Doesn't matter to me, really. I like pink ink, sometimes.

Cursive or print?
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My handwriting is a mixture of both, to be honest. I have broken all the rules!

Buy a CD or burn a CD?
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Burn..much cheaper..lol

download songs off the internet or by them at the music store?
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I buy them. I like to own the cd. I think it is a problem for me. I only have one burned cd at this point, and it is really various artists stuff.

What was the last cd you bought?
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Sometimes I listen to music off of the internet, but I still purchase the CD's that I want to keep.

What do you do the "old fashioned" way? (One thing I do is make jams and jellies even though "store bought" is probably cheaper.)
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"Oh Sister" a compilation of Female Bluegrass Artists

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"Marty Robbins' Greatest Hits" - a Valentine's Day prezzy for Bill.

What was the last book that you bought?
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Black Water by T. Jefferson Parker

Do you use cookbooks or cook from memory?
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Stuff that I make often, from memory, everything else comes from a book.

What is your favorite dish to cook?
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Potato & Leek Soup with Crusty Brown Bread

Do you cook everyday? ( I work wierd hours, so my hubby does a little cooking on his own )
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Yes, I am the cook!

do you take walks in the evenings?
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Oh GOD no. I don't have that much ambition at night!

Follow any soaps?
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No. Bill watches "The Guiding Light" every day, though?

Are you good at "Jeopardy"?
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