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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 99  

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Roses! So classic, and so beautiful.

Done early, or procrastinate?
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It's always one extreme or another! I set my clocks and watches fast so that I'm always on time. I always got work and college assignments done ahead of time, but put off phone calls and even enjoyable hobbies forever!

Are you compulsive about anything?
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Reading the forums at The Cat Site!

Besides that, I'm not so much compulsive as obsessive. When I decide to learn about something, that's all I can read about (non-fiction vampire books for 4-5 years until there wasn't anything even in the new books that I didn't already know, true crime & forensics & profiling for the last 5 or so years, and I can tell you about metal bands from the 80s and 90s that you've never even heard of!)

What's you cat's favorite game?
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Opie doesn't play.

Rowdy's favorite is "Wrestle the Dog"

Buddy's is "Pat Daddy on the Face at 3:00 A.M."

What's for dinner?
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We had chipped beef on toast!
What are you having?
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Slap my hands, but I had McDonalds! Don't know why...it wasn't even that good!

Do you eat breakfast?
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Usually, just a bagel or doughnut. Bill cooks, on weekends.

Do you like grits?
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Do you like liver?
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Do you like lamb or Pork best?
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Pork. Can't stand lamb.

What's for breakfast?
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what's for supper?
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Leftover beans and ham. I cooked them last night and they're always better, the next day.

Do beans give you gas?
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Don't eat beans - I don't like them!

Who will win the Stanley Cup?
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Don't tell my son this, because he's such a hockey fan, but I don't even know how the Penguins are doing!

Have you noticed the fact that NO ONE asks permission to call people by their first name any more. They just do it. I was taught to say Mr. or Mrs., until given permission to do otherwise, except for new acquaintances in our own age group. Even telemarketers call me Jeanie! It's a ploy, of course, to put themselves on a personal basis. But they're not alone--not complaining! I'll leave that up to Andy Rooney. Just wondering....
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In my case, its usually because they can't pronounce my last name.

Does your last name get mispronounced a lot?
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Yes! Yes! Yes! And it's constantly misspelled, also. So's my first name. People want to put 2 n's in it, even my husband.

What's your worst quality?
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My married name is easy - McFarlane

My maiden name was always misprounced Denomme

Do you sleep later on the weekend, then on week days?
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Usually depends what time I go to sleep, if late then I sleep later, if not about 9am or so. Like when the kityys come and just stare at me, they know better than to jump me.

Have you or would you ever sunbathe nude?
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No. I would never ever ever ever ever do it.

Would you??
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If I had the privacy to do it, I would! I love the sun!

Ever been to Vegas?
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YES, I it there.

Would u ever be a stripper?................Speaking of Vegas
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EEk! No! I won't even wear a bikini.

Ever owned a classic car?
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Yes, my first car when I was 16 was a '68 Valiant. My Daddy and my boyfriend at the time bought it as a hunk of junk and buy the time I got my lic, it was BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!! They put all kinds of extra stuff in her, she was so tricked out!! I miss her I won some classic car shows and after I had her for 3 yrs, some guy at a show offered an incredible price for her and well............

What are u driving now?..............a Lincoln..Lilly

I always forgot ur not suppose to answer ur own ??????
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I'm driving an '83 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. Other than needing new upholstery, its in almost mint condition. As soon as we get Bill's truck paid off, though I want to get another Town Car. I loved my '77 TC.

Leather or fabric car upholstery?
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Red leather, mirror windows, 18' crome rims, I


Do u have dial-up or broadband?????
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Broadband...I would NEVER go back to dial up!

Cable or satellite?
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Neither. I´ve got 2 channel to watch!

Do you buy yourself clothes often? I went today to exchange the skirt and shirt I got for birthday, for a bigger skirt and shirt. I get so depressed when I try out clothes, I feel I´m getting to fat to wear anything...
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I'm a shopping addict , always buying new clothes

Spaghetti or Baked Beans?
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I like them both.

Do you wash your own car?
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I wash my mums and dads coz I dont have one

Pasta or Pizza?
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