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Never Been Sky Diving
Ever been Hang Gliding?
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no to chicken
do you drive?
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HeHe No I'm only 13 .. in 2 years I will be
Ever drove a bus?
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have any pets other than cats?
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Yes.2 dogs called Jazz and Soul
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nope..just my 2 kitties Rocky and Fluffy

what is your favorite holiday dish?
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Pork and Apple...............mmmmmmmmmmmmmm or Turkey and cranberry
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Ham,sweet pototoes
best christmas gift you ever got?
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Best B'day Present ever got?
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Wedding ring
brother's and sister's?
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I have 2 older sisters

what is your favorite smilie on here?
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Your Fave?
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do you swim?
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Yeah for fun I do
do you jog or run every day ?
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no too old!!
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Nobb, to lazy...tomorrow is a good day to start!

Do you celebrate First day of summer?
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yes I hate winter
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As a kid I did, we always went for a kind of parade that ended on a square where they have some programme and we always got a "Summer present", which was something for the summer, like bouncing ball, jumprope or something like that. As I grew older my mum usually still gets us something, like a pair of socks or a tea towel, but now I get these litle presents from my s/o, and finally get to buy a Summer present for my own baby.
Wow, long answer.

Do people get summer presents where you are from?
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Are you on the internet ot watch TV more?
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In last message I meant OR
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I don't watch that much TV. I mostly watch Days Of Our Lives, Trading Spaces, While You Were Out and American Idol. Other than those, I really don't watch anything!

What about you? Internet or TV?
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Definitely internet. There are only two shows I need to see regularly... otherwise, I could toss my tv out. Now, the permanent lack of internet access is just too scary!

Milk, dark or white chocolate?
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Milk Chocolate! Mmmm... now I want some! Chocolate cravings...

Pure chocolate or chocolate and nuts?
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Definitly Pure
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with nuts, with coconut, with cherries....I LOVE Chocolate!
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no question to answer...??? *sniff*
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Awwww, poor Eclipse! This question is only for you. Are there really tulips all over Holland? Do you grow them?
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Whoohoooo... my very own question Yes, there are tulips all over Holland and they grow them in several places where they are constantly experimenting to create new colours and types of tulips... hehe. I believe however that tulips originate from Turkey.

What's your idea of the perfect evening out with your partner?
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Dinner and then a walk on the beach
Fave Flower?
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