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Hmmm . . . nope, but I wish I was allergic to onions and mushrooms, lol, it would give me a good excuse not to eat them! Hehe!!

Any foods you absolutely hate?
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Grow your own long fingernails?
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Yes, but not consciously. They just get that way, and I file them down regularly (I don't like them too long, they break off and hurt). I've had fake ones a few times, but it's too expensive to maintain, and it makes the nails underneath so thin.

Do you like to snack when you post?
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Nah just drink lots and lots of COKE
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I've been snacking my easter candy, I'm slightly worried I might get stuck in the chair one of these days? (hehehe)

Do you garden inside or out? (we live in city so inside for us)
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Neither .

What's for breakfast?
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Three or four cups of coffee, a comparable number of cigarettes and a bacon-cheese bagel.

How about you?
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I usually skip breakfast, as my house is chaos in the mornings, but today is my day off so I had two cinnamon toast eggo waffles and coffee (of course)

Do you prefer comedies, dramas, horror, or action movies?
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Hmmm . . . personally, I like comedy, but I like romance a lot, too, as long as there's a happy ending.

What do you prefer?
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I like romantic comedies-like Sleepless in Seattle and thrillers like Day of the Condor (just saw it again yesterday!), African Queen, an adventure, and the Firm. Of course, GWTW is great! And, and, and etc. I like movies.

Do you buy pay for view movies from the cable co.?
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Do you buy classic movies on video?
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I have bought one old movie, not sure if it counts as a classic or not, but its my favorite movie. It is the "Three Godfathers" starring John Wayne.

Do you read before bed?
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Yep! I always read scriptures. I'm also usually readding a series.

Who is your favorite old actress?
(mine is Audrey Hepburn)
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Katharine Hepburn.

Favorite John Wayne movie?
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The one where he gets in a fight, then wins, then gets drunk, then fights and rides away on a horse to have a drink,ahhh thats every John Wanye movie. (heehee) so I'll just leave it to the next person. (I'm feeling very fresh today, sorry)
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none,don't like him
ever waterski?
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Nah Never have
What food do your kitties eat?
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A Walmart brand
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Royal Canin

Do you like wine or beer best?
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Wine cooler..does that count??

Steak or chicken on the grill?
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mmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm Chicken on the grill
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Steak here!! medium rare! yumm yumm

Where are you going for on vacation this summer?
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HaHa we have just had our summer and I didn't go away next summer though I'm not sure

Do you like Sphynx -hairless cats- ?
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I can't say I "don't" like them, but I don't know if I would want one or not though..I like all cats!

how's the weather where you are?
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Super Hot and Super Sunny
Whats YOUr weather like?
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in the 60's, and rainy..but humid....

are you shy or outgoing?
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Chilly and rainy, but warming up. I have to answer the John Wayne movie, because The Quiet Man is the best movie he ever made! It's not a shoot 'em up.

Favorite candy bar?
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Butterfinger! When I tried to quit smoking, I craved them so bad! I ate 2 whole bags of fun size bars! No wonder why I gained 10 pounds in the 5 days!

What color are your eyes?
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