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do your cats try to climb you christmas tree?
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Nope - he doesn't even play with the ornaments.

Any exciting plans for tonight?
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Watched any good movies lately?
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No. Haven't been to a movie, since "Tombstone".

Video or DVD?
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i like watching both, i never use to watch DVDs because we didn't have a DVD player, but we got a new computer that plays DVDs and now i watch them all the time!!

If you have ever read Harry Potter, witch one do you like the best so far?
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Not a big potter fan, more into the Lord of the Rings, and I liked the fisrt one out better than the second. When the fist was over I found my self wanting, urning to find out what was next, after the second I thought I will live.

Back to easter stuff......do you color eggs then hide those or just buy plastic and hide those? and if no hunt then........what kind of kitty treats do ur babies the most?

I tried those dryed shrimp someone said their kittys loved and my kittys were at me!!! I thought it was funny
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I give Pounce treats - usually fish flavored ones. The dogs get hard biscuits.

What's for breakfast?
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Grilled Cheese with jam

what is your favorite Easter treat? (mine is See's Mayfair Egg)
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Cadbury Chocolate Creme Eggs. Those ones, with the yellow goo, in the middle are GROSS!

Do you give the cats hairball medicine?
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When I bring her home, I will!

Do your cats like their hairball medicine?
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I was trying to give it to Buddy, this morning, but Rowdy kept nosing in and licking it off of my finger. Rowdy doesn't NEED it! Neither she nor Opie has ever chucked a hairball. Buddy, though with that pelt of his HAS to have it.

Do you feed multiple cats, from one bowl or separately?
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7 cats = 5 bowls + 1 only off floor + 1 on kitty condo
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I forgot question.....DDuuhhhhhh

Do u use yellow pages or call 411, when u need a phone number?
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Yellow pages. I'm cheap, and I don't want to pay extra money for something I can do myself.

Where are your kitties right now?
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Opie is in here, on the windowsill. Rowdy is supervising Bill's dinner preparation and Buddy is in the middle of our bed.

I jusy smashed my finger. Is it OK to say *&^%$#$*^$?
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Sure! I say it at least 50 times a day! I tend to use those kind of words as adjetives!

Do you cuss just for the sake of cussing or do you only cuss when something bad happens like slamming your fingers with the window?
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I can't say I never swear, but 99% of the time, I don't. Years back I had a bit of a potty mouth and gave up swearing as a New Year's resolution, and haven't gone back since.

Do you do anything crafty?
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I make bead neaklaces.
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Crafty?.....huh......I use to make these really pretty eggs, I'd blow out the middle+bleach the shell, then decorate them with beads. Painful, bead after bead, each placed in it's proper spot. It helped me deal with my dad's death, but now that I look back was just as painful.
Other than that my hobby is SCHOOL. I'm taking 6 classes, 2 with labs, so any extra time is spent on that. or here, I love it here.

Beach (or any water spot).....to tan or swim?????
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Swim. Don't need wrinkles or skin cancer.

Do you have a "gotta watch" TV show?
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CSI & CSI Miami
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Nope, don't have a TV, LOL.

Favorite radio station?
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I usually listen to the disc-changer, it has room for 12 so I hardly ever switch over to radio.

With favorite, gotta have music...do u buy tape, or cd, or burn it off internet?
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Buy CDs. I'm not sure how to burn them off of the Internet.

Favorite band/singer?
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Their r to many to pin-point one. I'd feel bad by not mentioning them all so...............no I can't keep posting novels, so the cd thats getting used most now in car is No Doubt+ a few songs of Avril that I burnt. I love the whole No Doubt album though.

What kind of soap do u use: liquid or bar?
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Do you print out picture's of your family?
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What did the Easter Bunny leave at your house?
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A solid buny with crispies, 12 Cadbury Chocolate Creme Eggs and a purple stuffed bunny.

Did a cat try to steal your treats?
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HAHA The Cats Didnt But the dogs tried to steal some choccie

glass- 1/2 full or 1/2 empty ?
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