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Bad habits?
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Do you have any toys left from your childhood?
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Yes, two big boxes full. All kinds of stuff in them too.

What was your favorite toy from childhood?
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I was more into books, than toys.

Any special book, from childhood?
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Define CHILDHOOD! As someone who couldn't read yet, I LOVVVEED Cinderella. My mother read that to me ALL the time! When I COULD read, I was all about the Judy Blume "Fudge" series and all of the Beverly Cleary Beezus and Romona and Henry Huggins.

Ever look at your face in one of those magnified mirrors that shows EVERYTHING?!?! ((I got one today! YIKES!))
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ohhh. I stay far away from those. I have big enough pores, thank you. I don't want to see them enlarged to the size of craters (scarry!!) I like the mirrors with the soft yellow "hollywood" lighting. I wish I could take that lighting everywhere

What friendship have you maintained the longest? and how long?
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My best friend, Katey. We've been buds for 12-13 years. She gave Ike to me and Katey doesn't give her spotty puppies to just ANYBODY.

Where are you, in the birth order (oldest, youngest, somewhere in the middle?)
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I'm second oldest. My parents had three together (older sister, younger brother), but both remarried. Now I have an 8year old sister, a 7 year old sister, & a 6 year old brother. And my dad is still trying for more!! My husband and I are going to try to conceive in about 6-9 months or so. I think it would be pretty funny if my parents succedded at the same time!

Were you a daddy's girl (or child, sorry guys), or a momma's girl (or neither)?
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Haaaa Im a daddies girl , Always have been and always will.. You see I am 13 and I am very close to my Family My dad lives 3 hours away so I dont see him very much I my daddy

Is your hair Curly / straight , and long /or short?

Sam :kitty5:
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My hair is wavy/curly/straight and medium lenth.

Any exciting weekend plans?
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Well, it's my bday . . . but no exciting plans, my fiance is working, my best friend has evaporated (see my other post on that), my dad lives out of town, and my mom is going on a date, soooo . . . I don't know what I'm doing. No one seems to remember/care it's my birthday. *sniff*

How bout YOUR weekend plans?
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVA! That's so sad when families forget, or perhaps they haven't forgotten but just haven't phoned yet... I dunno. They'll remember. Then make them feel real bad! Ha hA!

I'll probably help Darrell pass out resumes this weekend. His boss just told him there is no way he's ever going to get off nights, so now he's forced to look for another job, 12 years on nights is enough.

How many jobs have you had?
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Dairy Queen, McD's, Goff Food Store, Bank, CK105, Z101.7, LCC, Meridian Township Police, Loss Prevention, Grandville Police, KIX 94.1, Auto-Owners, Casio, 99.1 WFMK.....

UGH! Can I stop now before I have to keep going? LMAO!

Watch any game shows?
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Too many to count. I got my first job, at 13.

What's the worst job, that you've ever had?
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Dairy Queen, two of the managers were sexually harassing me. I stayed about two weeks, then left. They were smacking my rear end and shoving ice down the front of my shirt, etc. In front of customers, too!!

Best job you're ever had?
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I was a music teacher in a school for physically, emotionally, and socially disabled children- one of the Miracle Network schools and hospitals. I loved those children, and I knew I was doing something worthwhile.

What would your dream job be?
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Performing again but, getting paid enough to live on.

Do you get stage fright?
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Yes, but I manage.

When was the last time you had to do public speaking?
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Never....I can't..

Do your cats ever get really violent with each other?
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No, not really, they play together, and sometimes one makes the other cry, but that isn't often and not terribly violent.

Is my workday ever going to end???
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I think so..

Do you have dogs as well as catS?
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I have 2 German Sheapards

Ever owned a pet Rat?

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Nope. I've never been that interested in rodents (no offence meant to anyone who likes them).

Have you ever been to the theater (opera, play, musical, etc.)? If so which ones? Have a favorite?
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I went to Annie the other day and the Nut cracker , Annies better

Fave Meat ???? or if vergeterian vegetable??
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Fav. veg?
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mmmmmmmmmmm Kumera

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Fave Fruit ???
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Strawberries - dipped in Chocolate Redi-Whip.

Chicken - roasted, BBQ or fried?
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do you celeberate christmas?
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Christmas in the since that Santa comes to our house. Our hoilday is the sabbath, on Dec.21. So really we have 2 christmases.

Real tree or fake??
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