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She got up about 20 minutes ago when I came home. I think she smelled the food I also had with me!

Are you proficient with Microsoft Word?
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I find I have trouble keeping up because of my work--so I will post to seveal questions per post. I will post the ??? as well so everyone knows what ones I'm giving my two sense (?!) on.

Are your cat(s) awake, right now? 50% are sleeping the others are awake (7 each).

Does your cat sleep in bed with you? Mischief always does in the winter. Even gets under the blanket as long as she can keep her head uncovered.

Do you give your cats any "people food"? Black Beauty gets a SMALL piece of bread & oleo with Grandma every morning and pea juice with 1 pea when we have them. Silky Soft gets 3 cheerioes every morning. None of the others ever come around for food hand-outs.

What one word best describes your cat(s)? LOVING! They all love to be loved on. Except Muffet and Stripes. They are still more feral than tame.

What material makes the best scratch post, in your opinion? Indoor/Outdoor carpeting on a solid block of wood. Only thing I've ever had for a scratching post.

Do your cats have the run of the house? Only way to go with my babies. They all get along and they all love to sleep together.

What is your cat(s) favorite toy? a crumpled up piece of plain printer paper. Mischief plays fetch with me when I use a piece of printer paper. No I did not teach her to do this. She taught me!

Are you cats aloof or affectionate? Again it is about 50% for each.

What breed of cat(s) do you have?
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Yes, I am proficient with most of Microsoft Office.

Favorite comp. game?
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Neopets at www.neopets.com

Can you allign my wedding program for me on word?
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Hmmm, I can try. It depends on what kind of formatting you have already put on it.

Want me to try?
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Actually....I am trying here. I will let you know if I can't figure it out! Thanks

Turn on the AC yet?
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Is anybody still having to keep the heater on?
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P.S. -- Carrie, just PM me if you need any help! I'll be glad to try if you need anything.
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Yes it is still cold here

Are you cooking on Easter?
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Depends on Bill. He may want to cook out.

Will you get a chocolate bunny?
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Nope - trying to stay away from chocolate.

Do you have any Easter traditions?
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Other than dinner, no .

Do you know what Easter Pie is?
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What is it?
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I have no idea!

Do you?
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No. Im confused.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
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112.5!! LOL Seriously, no clue. According to the owl, three!

Favorite type of gem?
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Do you hate cleaning the bathroom?
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Cleaning the bathroom? Whats that?

Do you have any bad habits?
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I can't keep my nails long! I usually bite at them!

What about you?
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Hmmmm . . . bad habits? I bite my lips when I'm nervous . . .

Favorite thing about yourself?
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My hair and my "Cat" smartness!

Favorite hobby?
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Right now, planning for decorating the apartment and shopping for cat stuff!!

YOUR favorite hobby?
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The kittys

in the summer to dry laundry: line or dryer?
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Bill always hangs his work clothes. Everything else goes in the dryer.

Do you use dryer sheets?
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Are those for extra softness?
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The dryer sheets are for cuddley softness. (like Snuggles the bear, although personally he scares me)

Do you iron?even the beddheets?
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I iron bedsheeds for my son, but ours only fore Christmas!
I iron some clothes, but try to hang them wet so I dont have to iron as much!

Do you iron a lot?
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Spend time outside today?
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No. Most of my clothes are permanent press. My iron mostly gets used, when I sew.

Do you like flannel sheets?
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