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I don´t eat them like oranges, but I do like lemon slices in water.

Do you drink tapwater where you are?
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We do, but it is filtered through the refrigerator. I love that! The best investment we ever did!

Did you hear they think they found Lacey Peterson?
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yes...some people don't like it, but it doesn't bother me any!
Ok..back to my last question...
What is a DH?
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No clue, I've been wondering myself.

Who knows what DH means?
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HEY! Nobody answered MYYYY question!
I think DH is like Dear Husband or something. I know the H is husband.

Can you answer my previous question?
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Call me dumb...but I don't know who Lacey Peterson is!
Who is she?
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She was the one that was pregnant in California and came up missing on Christmas Eve. Her husband, Scott, was a suspect and had been cheating on her!
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That rings a bell now! Jeesh I can be so dumb at times!
Do you think it is her that they found?
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I think so!

do you think her husband did it?
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Yes I do! He was right around there that day!

Her baby was with her, is that correct? I didn't think it was born yet!
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I just searched on Yahoo and it said that they baby was found in the water. It was still attached to the placenta! EWWWWWWWW! It's so sad!

Speaking of kids, how many do you want to have?
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2. I don't think any more than that.

How many do you want?
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Hmmmm . . . I don't know on that topic. I'm afraid of the whole giving birth thing . . . I'm thinking I might like to adopt. Alex REALLY wants kids, though. And he wants his own kids. Sooooooo . . . but in any case, no more than two pregnancies. I may have more kids than 2, though, since twins run in both our families.

How many do you want?
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One! one is enough for me..

what is your cat limit?
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However many I can have before Alex says I can't have anymore!! LOL For now, just one, though, since I'll be in an apartment.

Dog limit?
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I have two and that is MORE then enough

what is your dog limit?
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Just ONE! No more!

How many cats do you have?
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9...10 if you count leo that pops in once in awhile to eat

2 inside...well five counting the new babies. and 4 (5 counting leo) outside feral guys )

how many kitties do you have?
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One!! And she comes home in late May or June!

How many pets do you have total?
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5 - 3 cats, 2 dogs.

Is your yard fenced?
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I'm an apartment-dweller; I have no yard.

Do you have a "green thumb"?
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how many kitties do you have? 14 the 2 babies' eyes are opening. Baby has hers/his open and Patches is still in the dark--not even a slit yet.

How many pets do you have total? 17 we also have 3 dogs.

Do you have a "green thumb"? Yes! I love to work with plants of all kinds. Right now I have a potted veggie garden growing. Green beans, peas, squash, & carrots are all coming up. Cucumbers never did so I have to redo them. Must have been bad seeds.

what is your dog limit? Oh about 40--I own a service dog training school so we will have lots of dogs & kitties, once I get the kennel built. Still looking for the proper site.

How often do your kitties come for stroking from your?
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Opie: once or twice a day.
Rowdy: 3-4 times a day
Buddy: every time that we're in the same room

Are you cats aloof or affectionate?
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Well, she's a baby, so I don't know for sure, but she was affectionate when I saw her at the breeder!

What is your cat(s) favorite toy?
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Opie isn't into toys, Rowdy's favorite "toys" are the dogs and Buddy likes boxes.

Do your cats have the run of the house?
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She will, when I bring her home!

What material makes the best scratch post, in your opinion?
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My girls seem to like sisal, so that is what I am going with .

What one word best describes your cat(s)?
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Do you give your cats any "people food"?
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No. They had a piece of popcorn once, but that is it. But they way they beg you would swear I fed them junk all the time.

Does your cat sleep in bed with you?
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When they want to. Buddy is our most consistent bed sleeper. Opie shifts around the house and Rowdy comes in after Bill leaves. I woke, this morning, to find Buddy on Bill's pillow!

Are your cat(s) awake, right now?
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