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I like to go fising at out summerhouse, but after I grew up I am sad when a catch a fish! I like more to just sit by the lake and enjoy the athmosphere, reading or writing.

Do you have access to a lake?
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Yes. Everyone has to take swimming lessons every year in the schools in Iceland, so everyone can swim.

Can you swim?
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Yep! I swam competitively, both speed and synchronized, for many years.

Do you get sea-sick? I don't . . .
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No way! I love the water?

Get car sick?
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Like roller-coasters?
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What size is your TV?
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Umm, not sure, I think it's 20", but I could be wrong.

Read any good books lately?
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Too many to list. I read about 5-7 books per week.

Filed your taxes, yet?
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Yes mailed them out today
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i mailed my taxes out today too!!

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Filed and paid the state last month and did the Feds. April 1st.

Get a good refund or did you owe?
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owed both!
What color is your hair?
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Dark brown

Ever had highlights in your hair?
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Nope. Can't do a whole lot with black hair!

Sleeping with the windows open tonight?
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Nope! Allergic to the pollen.

What's for dinner tonight?
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Ever change your hair color way off your normal color?
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I have the highlights done once every three months

Ever have your hair colored in a non-traditional color? I'd like to get pink, but I don't think it would go over to well at work
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Dinner is steak and I stick with blondes and reds.

Anything pierced?
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My ears, that's it.

Tattoos? (I don't have any . . . )
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What does ROFL mean?
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Rolling On Floor, Laughing.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
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I would go with Kind, at least I try to be!

What would your one word desciption be?
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hmm Princess

if you had to what would it be?
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"Reliable" although given my post count, "Verbose" would be good, too!! LOL

What would YOUR word be?
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Have you ever performed (acting, singing, etc.) in public?
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Well....yes. I used to play clarinet. AND...of course, I do on-air radio.

Get lots of headaches?
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Is it bee time already where you are? I saw the first bumlebee queen today, came in my window and went out again. Feykirofa woke and came running, she thinks bees are the best toy ever!
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OOps, to late. Maybe because I have this terrible headache!
(My yes before was for the performance).

The bee question again.
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I have seen a couple, but I don't know if they are still a little dormant or if they are ready and willing to get ya!

Like lemons? I eat them like oranges
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Haven't seen on yet!

Dumb question, but I've been reading some of Princess Purr's threads and I have no idea what DH stands for! What is a DH? The only thing I can think of it Divorced Husband!
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