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Daily Thread Monday Dec 10th!

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Good morning my lovely cat lovers!

It know what that means? Its my early day! I LOVE leaving work early on makes my Monday suck less

Not sure what else I'll be doing gym today..maybe shopping

Anyhoo, you all have a good one..stay warm!
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Morning Nat.
not much going on here today.Keeping an eye on our creeks.We have had so much rain in the last few days,they are now calling for flash flood warnings.So, I gotta keep an eye on those and get out if I need to.
Have a great day all!
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We've had a lot of rain too. Our river has risen over a meter. Luckily, our baks are really high so should be okay, and I live at the top of a hill!

Not doing much today. Last day off work today, back tomorrow. Just lounging today to make the most of my holiday.
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blah, happy Monday It's a bit dreary here today, cold and rainy, but not freezing thank goodness.

No class tonight, so I'm going home and doing a few chores, dishes, laundry etc. will probably watch a few of my recorded shows tonight too
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Morning All!

Cloudy and dreary here, looks like we will be getting more snow before the end of the day.

Fairly long day ahead for me, several meetings and such. Not much planned for after work most likely do some laundry and tidy up the house a bit.

Kitties are enjoying their morning nap, lucky guys.

Everyone have a good one.
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Woke up to a gently falling snow..Not much going on today..Its a good day to wrap presents..
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Not doing much today except we have a dentist appointment this afternoon. YUCK!
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Happy Monday all!

Not much new around here, just getting very anxious for Christmas to come in a few weeks now! I have to finish some shopping this week, which is very exciting. 12 more days & I will be home for 4 days with my family!

Cleaning to do tonight when I get home, and then some relaxing to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special! I love them

Have a good one!
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Not much for me either, doing some work from home catching up before the Christmas break.

Finishing my Christmas cards for hand delivering, writing a letter from the kitties to the vet to go in her card and one from Scully for the little boy who used to own him.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
blah, happy Monday
....I hate the mondays too!.....

Good morning NAt! Have a great day to all of this thread!......
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It's my day off today. I am just going to relax after a VERY busy weekend at work.

Today, I am hoping to get a cheque in the mail that I have been waiting for. If I get it, I am going to go to the 24 hour Wal Mart tonight after my boyfriend gets off work and finish up all of my Christmas shopping, except for my boyfriend.
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Afternoon everyone. It's a wet dreary day here. Fits my mood too. Today Pop-pop would have been 98 yr old. Today is the date that Nana went down hill 5 years ago and last time she was coherant before she passed. It's a hard day not to forget or get by without crying.
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Its warm here in the mid 70s, by body is so confused as it was in the high 40's last week (COLD)

I cant believe another Monday is here.

Today is the last day to post parcels and cards internationally by standard mail, so I hope every one has done there mailing.
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Morning all. I just got my new kitten yesterday, so I am dead tired this morning and I have to work all day! Will try and nap after work, but this kitten is the energizer bunny's first cousin.
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Evening all!

Woke up freezing, it's getting no warmer and it's -3 tonight! I had 3 exams today, what fun! Anyway, all my xmas shopping is done, all cards are written and it's only 15 DAYS TO GO!!!!
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Hey everybody!!!

I'm currently very excited because I just placed an order for most of the remainder of my Christmas shopping! All I need to do now is order a gift certificate for my FIL and a gift card for my SIL. I'd have done it already but I don't know how much DH wants me to get them for. So I'm hoping by the end of the day I'll have my Christmas shopping done! Now to get it all, wrap it all, and ship it all!

I need to get myself dressed and to the dentist's office to take care of a mix up with my insurance. Then I need to get some groceries and mail off my Christmas cards. But if I don't get moving, everyone will be closed!
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Got up to another cooler than normal day, read the WSJ then my SIL called to say we are shopping today so she came around 11 am. Went to the Bel brands annual cheese sale (going back Wed). We had lunch then hit the stores!!! Best Buy, Dick
s, TJ Maxx/Homegoods, Walmart (eek!!), DSW and then World Market. She hit the wall in the last store as she had been up since around 4:30 am (milking) and she had about an hours drive home. It was fun and I'm tired too!! So not much going on tonite.
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OMG! I still have so much Christmas shopping to do and NO TIME TO DO IT ALL!!

I leave tomorrow for a business trip, I have my final paper to finalize this week and Ahhhhhhh!!! Last week of class, then I"M DONE! I'll have my degree (paper copy) in 4-6 weeks
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