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Rosie's babies (pics + story)

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Good News everyone. My cat Rosie, she had her kittens on thursday night. She started having them just after 10.30pm. I knew when it was time,cuz of the way her stomach was moving. She was soo quiet,she wasnt meowing like crazy, she just done a few really loud meows like she was in pain or something when they were either coming out or were about to, poor thing.
So anyway alot of the time we didnt realise they were out cuz she had her back to us and then we saw this big long red thing and it was her licking its tale.

And so it took maybe 5-10mins till the 1st one was out. Then within 2hrs 4 were out,then we thought she was done so we went to bed. And then i wake up this morning, my mum had seen them,but she didnt notice anything, and then i go look at them when i get up and i count them and theres 5. So she's had 5 beautiful kittens. 3 are the same colour as her and 2 are either black or black and white.
I dont think ya can tell what sex they are yet,but im pretty sure there all females except for 1.

So anyway i done some videos on my digital camera,but when there on the computer they are really dark,but on the camera there not! So here's some photos instead!

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They're absolutely purrfect!! Just beautiful!
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Awwwwwwwwwww, I love how they are all in a pile! A pile of kitty!
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Aww, what beautiful babies.
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Aww how cute

A pile of both mackeral and classic silvers?
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ooohhhh they are so tiny and cute
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They just melt your heart. They remind me of when I 1st saw Blossom, how long ago it now seems. Simply gorgeous. Can't wait to see more pics as they grow.
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how cute!!! Who can resist kittens!!
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Awww, they are all adorable!!
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hey sorry i kinda forgot to keep you's all updated on how there going. There noe 4 weeks old, theres 2 girls and 3 boys. 1 dark girl and one grey girl which is good.

i have finally gotten a video that is bright for you all, it was only done about 2-3 days ago, i let one of the girls outside with mummy and done a quick video,so here it is:
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They still look like silvers to me.
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OMG!!! Sooooo adorable!!! And what a good Mommy Rosie is being!!
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The most beautiful kittens I have seen in a long time! How sweet
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Kitten: Ooh! Outside! I'm gonna go explore!
Rosie: Nope, bath time. *Lick* *Lick*
Kitten: Awww, mooom!
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So cute!!! And the vid was just great. Rosie is a great mom!!! Aren't they just great to have around? In the 2nd pic, the one on top facing right kind of looks like it has a clouded pattern to the fur. Gorgeous!!
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They're soooooo beautiful!! Just little darlings!
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Now at 6weeks 2 days they are getting bigger,and way cuter!!

Here's some more pics, there way better pics than previously!!

There's also 1 girl from the 3 grey, and theres 1 girl from the 2 boys
post #18 of 26 heart just melts when it comes to kittens! And they are gorgeous!! Rosie obviously is a good mom. I could watch a cat and her kittens for hours! It's amazing how they teach them and work with them.
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yeah there just gorgeous. one of them was just asleep on a paper bag behind me, but my mums feeding them now she she had to take it away.

But they were wrecking everything in the hallway just before,and one went into my room. There so cute, i always tend to spend hours just playing with them or watching them!
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they are absolutely gorgeous!! I just adore the little chortles that they are making!!
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Awwww they are adorable
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Awwwwwwwwwww, I love how they are all in a pile! A pile of kitty!

sooo sweet!
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This thread is so sweet! Beautiful kittens and that video was so charming!
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They are soo cute.
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They are so gorgeous & the little one in the video, I'm in love.
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Awwww...what cute little babies!!!
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