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Has anyone noticed.....

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that tomorrow, at 12:02 pm, we have a record to beat???? Last year, at that precise time, there were 48 members online here at once. *whew* I can just imagine all the catching up that had to be done after such a visit!
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Ghys that is because this time last year, there was a really nasty windstorm (mini tornado that slammed into my area and caused a lot of devastation on our property. Airprincess got a frantic phone call from me asking for prayer, and she posted on my behalf and I am sure glad that everyone rallied around and prayed for me and all my cats. We had a 90 foot tree crash down on our shop and barn and a lot of property damage. here are some photos- kind of weird because I was cleaning out my photo files this morning and found these and was remembering. We only lost one kitty that horrible day.

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Ok, so let's not have a repeat of THAT!
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OMG.....MA, I did not know! I have always been fascinated by how many people were here at once. Now,...I know why. There is an amazing bunch of wonderful people here. To pull together and pray for you like that...I am in awe of everyone here.

Those pictures are amazing.

I'm glad the outcome was not any worse than that.

Tomorrow, at 12:02...I will say my own little prayer, in memorial for what happened and for that kitty.
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yes pray for Maya, she is now with the angels She was asleep in the tack room when it happened and didn't have a chance
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We should all show up anyway and celebrate good things!
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YAY!!!!! Okay....I'm in. 12:02pm,I will be here. Let's spread the word......
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Ill try and be here too...

And a prayer for Maya.
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Ok....I'm here. The countdown has begun. Doesn't look like we'll have 48 people but....it's the thought that counts! Exactly 32 minutes to go at my end.....
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By my time, its one minute, to go.
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Prayers were said and sent away.
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And Maya thanks you- at least the vet told us she died almost instantly. Thanks for the thought guys, gratefully the winds are nonexistent now.
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I forgot about that awful day. It was so horrific to hear about the storm and even more horrible to hear about poor Maya. Let's hope that nothing like that happens to anyone else AND let's hope that Mary Anne doesn't have another year like last year!
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I am sorry I wasn't here to send up prayers when you all did! That was a sweet thing to do!!! I remember when this happened, and how concerned we all were and the prayers that went up. It was so sad about Maya. Prayers going up in memory of her. I hope Hissy never has to go through anything like that again!
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