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New to ferals

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Hi everyone, I have noticed recently a gorgeous black and white long haired cat roaming the neighborhood. I saw it tonight down my street so I took it some food feeling bad for it since it's a little chilly tonight. I shook my glass with the food in it but it seemed scared of that, however when i poured it out on the ground it came a little closer to me but still kept a distance of about 10 feet or so. I would like to feed this kitty, but I don't feel like its safe to feed it so close to a road like I did (it was actually in my vet's parking lot around the corner from my house). It's not a busy road but it's still a road. My question is, if I put some food on my front porch, since the cat is roaming the neighborhood, will it smell it and find it to come eat in a safer place? Thanks
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Maybe each day feed the cat closer and closer to your porch? Also leave the food on the porch incase the cat does find it on its own.
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Giving a homeless cat food is good. But very good will it be first if you have plans what to do with the cat...
Planning to try and adopt it (if it doesnt has an owner)?

Letting it live out there as homeless, but with your help? - then try to find a way to neuter it IF shehe is fertile....

And so on...
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