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Kitten sucking his tail

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I have recently adopted a male kitten from the SPCA, he is 11 weeks old. He was separtated from his mother at 3 weeks old, his comfort toy is his own tail. He grabs his tail, starts sucking it while purring. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get him to stop, or would it be bad to make him stop.

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Shauna, It's so sad when a kitten loses his mother at that age. I have seen huge, grown cats suck on people's arms and ears. I would try a substitute, something soft that feels like the "real thing," like a stuffed animal with some soft, vinyl parts. My little girl got an infected thumb from sucking it. It was so dry and cracked that it was easily infected. I don't know if that would happen to his tail, but a tail isn't a very good substitute for mommy. How sad!
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What he needs is another cat to keep him company and play with him, snuggle up with him, etc. Are any of his littermates still available?

Three weeks is way too early to leave mom. Poor little guy!
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I agree. That would be a huge help!
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Two words.....Snugglekittie!

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I have a similar problem with our 5 month old SPCA adopted kittens. Bo the bigger, stronger boy is fine, never sucks. But Xander, the sickly little thing will suck his brother any chance he can get. When he was sick from the get go he spent as much time as he could getting Bo to lay down and let him "nurse", but Bo wouldn't have it. Now Xander is older and needs less sucking, but will still do it if they are in the same bed or if he has had a visit to the vet and is still a little anxious. So sad, but Bo has been his security since day one. Xander was diagnosed with a bone infection and was almost put to sleep a few days before Christmas, but a loving vet searched out the problem, properly treated him and now he will most likely have no long lasting affects. He is our little, skinny baby boy, so needy and sweet. We tried to give Xander a beanie baby, and a silky blanket, a polartec blanket, satin tags, etc, but he still prefers his brothers chest. Ocasionally, when he really needs a suck, he will use his leg, or side or arm to satisfy his needs if Bo is busy. I wish we could find him a replacement for it, but have had no luck. Good Luck. -Jess
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Thanks for your suggestions. I do have a 5 year old female that does provide him some comfort. I'll try to get him to nurse off of 1 of his toys.

Thanks again!
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why would you want him to stop sucking anyway - it's georgeous!
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