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my cat mr.bojangles has a cold or flu i believe. my moms cat passed his cold onto him and my cat is now throwing up multiple times a day, sneezing, drooling and choking on his drool, runny nose and his eyes are a little glazed.
i don't know what to do. i have no money for a vet or i would have already brought him in. i'm trying to keep him happy but he wants to be left alone. does anyone know what to do?
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Does your Mom know what illness her cat is suffering from? That might help you determine what your cat is suffering from. From the symptoms you describe (particularly the vomitting) I think your kitty needs to see a vet. Have you tried contacting some clinics like your humane society about a payment schedule? for your kitty to feel better.
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hi, well it appears that he has the flu. he has a fever, i can tell because his ears are hot to the touch. i have the heat turned off to keep him from becoming too warm and am trying to let him be for now.
unfortunately where i live the humane society cares more about money than the animals and would only turn me and my kitty away...
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HE needs a vet ... start calling and explain the situation ... hopefully youll find a vet who will work with you
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I agree he needs a vet!

Many times when a cat has a fever they will stop eatting. This can lead to hepatic lipidosis which can be deadly...

See if you can apply for care credit...

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Most vet hospitals will set up payment plans for you if you're not in a good financial situation.

colds and flu can easily turn into URI and are highly contagious, so much so that the vet won't even let you take your kitten in through the front door. Your kitty needs a vet asap. please don't wait.
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First of all, as the others have said, your kitty needs to see a vet. In the meantime, make sure kitty continues to eat and drink. Run a vaporizer to help unstuff your kitty's nose/head. If you don't have a vaporizer, turn on the shower until your bathroom is all steamy, then take your cat in there and close the door. Leave him in there (with you) until the steam is gone. This will help ease his breathing.

Again, though, you or your mom really need to take the kitty to the vet sooner rather than later.

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