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Ewwwww! Wet noses

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Ewwwww....that's the 4th time today a cat has come up and rubbed their wet nose on me.

Seriously they can lick my face (well not right after cleaning their butts) however for some reason I hate having wet noses rubbed on me.

I feel like I just picked a cat's nose
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Mooch always rubs her wet nose on me! ALWAYS! It is icky!
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Cindy does that. I always say, Thank you for marking me, sweetie! I don't mind her doing it at all
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I wish my girls would do that
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LOL - I dry their little wet nosies off for them.

They usually come wipe them on me after drinking from the water fountains.
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I don't mind it when they do that. I always think of it like a little kitty kiss!
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I don't usually mind when they do it, except when they sneak up on me and do it on my bare skin... their favorite place is my back! It's cold!!
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My Lucky likes to rub her wet nose on my cheek, It is much better than my dogs wet tongue.
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Awww, I love it when Popsie put his nose on me. I think of them as wet nose kisses
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You guys are braver than me.

It's mostly the bare skin and lately with the weather their noses have been cold. Today has been zero wet nose wipes for me.
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i would sooner have that, then have a cat toy that has been tossed in the there water dish dropped on my face how sleeping.
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Well you know what they say. Much better a wet nose, than a wet bum
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Well you know what they say. Much better a wet nose, than a wet bum

Hahahaha Words of truth!
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My Kitties do this too! But the other day Eek did it to me and his nose was dry.... Hmmm.... Well I wetted it down for him and away he went again! I kinda like the kitty kisses! My other cat that died in september her name was Ki'en (kitten without the t's) she didn't even bother with the nose kisses, she would lick me all the time... so sweet!
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I don't mind them except when Lucy sticks hers into my ear.
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Awww! Chynna is always sticking her wet nose in my eye when she is licking my nose while I'm in bed! I don't mind it at all. It's when she decides to sneeze on my face that I get grossed out!
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