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still wondering

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I am still waiting and trying to figure out if Angel really is preg..... she really has all the symptoms and most times looks it but isn't really big at all. but it seems she is bigger on the underside and not out to the sides.... hard to explain. LOL she did have a false preg. once and got a tiny pooch and bigger nipples but NOT as big as they are this time and she never lost the fur around them........ this time the fur around the bottom 2 is gone/thinned ALOT and the next 2 is gone around some too..... Thinking maybe she is only going to have 1 or 2 or maybe she is like some humans that never really show a ton?????? is that possible? LOL

So just sitting and waiting to see if she has kittens anytime from Christmas to new years....... LOL Guessing if she is she is due around 12/28 or so since that is about the timeline I started to notice things.....
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Do we have any new pics today?? hehe
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It is a tricky one. If it is false pregnancy this time then maybe it has just gone further?

I would say that you don't have that long t go now if she is because of the thinning fur. Have you seen any movement yet?

You can never tell be the cats size as to how many she could have. Someone on here had 9!! And on the other hand, she could be really big but only have two.

She could shock you and pop out 5 or 6!
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will have to charge my camera batteries and get some new pictures. she has gotten bigger when I compare pictures from the end of Nov and the beg. of Dec (about a week apart) but only if I look at those. looking at her most times I can't tell.

I am thinking she is around 46-47 days going by when I have noticed things. so think she is due in about 18 days or so........ haven't noticed any movements. can kinda feel some hard spots in her belly but that is it. says movement would be the end of this week...... so guess I will see.

once I get more pictures I will put them up. do have one of her nipples (well 2) but with her white belly it is hard to see the fur missing. LOL
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just wanted to update I am not wondering anymore as she went into heat the other day.

not sure if it was a false preg. or if she miscarries and absorbs them. this is the 2nd one for her so not sure what is going on..... the other one she didn't have as many signs just bigger nipples but not huge, and a tiny bit bigger. this time her nipples were HUGE, went bald around them very pink and she got a bit bigger but she never got huge. so not sure what is going on. very strange. her nipples are still big but not as big so think they are going back down and of course still pink since she is in heat and her belly has gone down a bit. and of course she is still bald around her nipples......
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That's great news. Are you going to be making an appointment for a spay soon?
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If she's only pregnant with 1-2 kittens she may not really show. But why not take the cat to a vet and verify one way or another. Then schedule the cat to be spay so you don't have to worry about kittens.
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I have to agree! Take her to the vet, see what they think (that is if you have a competent vet, I dont seem to have one...)
If she isn't then you can get her spayed!! Then you wont have to worry bout the is she or isn't she thing! Unless you want kittens of course! Then you really wouldn't want her spayed huh? LOL
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I agree with a vet visit, and if not, please do get her spayed, it is better for her health.
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well no need for a vet appt since she went into heat so I know she isn't........

I will schedule the spay once I have the funds. around here you only get the low cost spay if you don't make enough and they seem to think that we do. so either after my husbands Christmas bonus or our taxes she will be getting spayed depending on when I have the extra $250 or so...... (and yes that is how much it is here if not more!)
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Ouch!! Thats not a cheap spay there! Holly Cow!!
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Which is why she is the only one of my pets not done as she is the youngest. everyone else in the house is done, 3 other cats and 2 dogs) but things have been rough recently and my kids and house have to come first.
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