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I didn't even know his/her name....

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I write this with sadness in my heart.

On my way to work this morning, I caught a glimpse of a sight I so hoped would not happen....

Along the side of the road lay a big, beautiful, german sheppard(part collie, I believe)

For the past year, every morning on my way to work, I would catch a glimpse of these 2 dogs romping in the fields. Every mornng I would think.......I hope they don't come close to the road.

Today....my hopes were dashed.

Unfortunately, out here in the country, people have the mentality that it's ok for animals to roam leashless. And sometimes, it is.....BUT, not when there is a main road not far away.

I don't even know who the owners were. There are a couple os scattered homes in that area.

I was just wondering if we could take a minute and say a silent prayer for this pup....and for many others who meet this untimely fate.

Thank you....
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Oh, Ghyslaine, That's so kind of you. I can only imagine how the sight of that poor dog affected you. I have a collie. I love the gentle nature of most collie mixes. I believe there is a special place in God's heart for all His creatures. He gave them to us out of love, and that's what they spend their lives doing-giving unconditional love to us. God bless him and his owners. Their hearts must be broken. Poor baby.
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Awww, poor dog. That is so sad.
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that just breaks my heart. ugh i'm all teary eyed. poor doggie
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This brought tears to my eyes...You are a true animal lover...How very heart breaking for you to have seen that
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Oh wow......thank you everyone. I had forgot about checking this thread. I am touched by all your kindness.......

Since that day, I have yet to see this dog's sidekick. I'm guessing the owners are not allowing their second dog to roam free anymore.

What a sad way to learn a lesson......

Thank you all again.

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