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UTI Management -- Cosequin & Wet Food

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Last week I had to take my poor Vinny to the Emergency Vet (again) for a potential blockage and blood in his urine. The ER vet told me that while he was not blocked, he did have calcium oxalate crystals in his bladder and had a severe UTI. She catheterized him, flushed him out, and sent him home with Baytril and a prescription for Hill's c/d wet.

Well...he took the liquid Baytril just fine, but does NOT like the c/d. She recommended a full can everyday -- half in the AM and half at night...he wouldn't even eat a quarter cup a day -- 3 or 4 bites and then he'd walk away. My other cat wouldn't even eat more than a few bites of it. Their regular diet consisted of dry Science Diet Indoor formula out at all times and a cup of Meow Mix wet everyday.

I took him to my regular vet for his follow-up on Friday and they gave me a sample can of Royal Canin SO wet to try, plus another 10 days of Baytril (pills rather than liquid, because my regular vet didn't carry the liquid the ER vet did) and a box of Cosequin caplets to empty the powder over it -- since Vinny's older, they said the fact that's it's also a joint care supplement will only help in the long run.

Well, Vinny will eat the Royal Canin food right up as long as there's no pill or Cosequin powder mixed in it -- once I put either one in there, he turns his nose up at it and eats VERY little. He's acting normal and isn't having any urine problems -- should I just continue with the wet food without the Cosequin and try to dry-pill him?

I tried putting him in another room with the wet food with the medication in it so my other cat doesn't eat it, but my other cat has separation anxiety and I can't keep them separated when nobody's home or he freaks out.

So what should I do? Ask to put him on the dry Royal Canin SO and give him the Meow Mix wet like I was doing before? It wouldn't hurt for my other cat to eat the dry SO, right? Or forget the Cosequin and keep him on the wet SO and dry Science Diet Indoor? Advice would be most graciously accepted!
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Charlie had a UTI recently - he's now on the RC - Urinary (both he and Ling are on it) I have the RC dry.

Sharky recommended using the Max Cat Senior in the canned food. I would not feed the Meow Mix one. I got a few cans of the Max Cat as Ling didn't like just the dry.

There is a thread on Charlie's problem and what canned to be feeding. The canned RC is not as good as the dry.

Here's the link to my thread about UTI:

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Cats have far better senses of smell... can you use tuna juice??? to entice him... fish flavor with no fish>>> have you tried pill pockets>??
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My cat is on Royal Canin SO (Waltham SO) and it works just great for him.
I don't give him cosequin or anything else and he eats all kinds of wet food with it, and has no urinary issues anymore.
He had his cystitis and peed all over my apartment before I swtiched him to Royal Canin dry, and ever since the switch, he is doing really well regarding his urinary problems.
Right now his wet food is fancy feast. I would feed him premium without by-products, but he only likes cuts in gravy style and ever since Nutro Natural Choice wet food was recalled, I can't find anything premium that he likes.
But just feeding him dry Royal Canin with whatever wet he eats seems to work fine for him.
Both my cats eat dry Royal Canin SO, it doesn't seem to hurt the one that did not have urinary problems.
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