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Selkirk Rex Babies

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Hi there
I am new to this forum and new to breeding Cats.
I have 2 wonderful Selkirk Rex females and 1 male.
We got our girls about 6 months ago and we recently bred them with our male. One has just had her kittens and the other is due in about 4 weeks time.
All went well with the birth and things went as to be expected. I have been researching for some time so i wsa well prepared, but something i was not prepared for was how hard it can be to tell the sex of the newborn kitten I think i have worked it out now
Another thing i am unsure of and i was hoping to get some advice on, is how to tell the coat type of a newborn Selkirk Rex.
I have 4 babies and only one has curly whiskars and the others have straight I know that you can get straight coated selkirks but i wasnt sure if you could tell from birth ???? I know it sounds silly but its something that i cant seem to find any information on and i have been stressing about it for a while as i should know but i dont
If anyone has any ideas on what i should be looking for can they please let me know.....i really need a mentor in the Selkirk field so if anyone is willing and able to spare some time and answer some questions i have that would be wonderful
Another thing that i am having trouble working out is learning the names for the colours and how to tell what colour they would be called.
If anyone knows any good links for colours that would be great
I have tried the link in the post here on the forum but it doesnt seem to work its just a blank page now.
I have a very basic understanding of colours.
Selkirks can come in absolutely any colour so there are no limitations....so i have to learn the lot
Any advice would be GREAT!!!!
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I'll be glad to help you out on color questions and some genetics. But I have a few questions. Did you get your rexes from a breeder that gave you breeding rights? Reason I ask is that unless you are an experienced cat breeder and show cats, very few breeders will hand over breeding cats to a novice.

Why did you get into breeding? Most people show cats first and learn all they can about the breed, some genetics, and lots on how to breed the "ideal" cat for the breed. They know the standard, etc.

I showed and bred Cornish Rexes and could tell show from pet kittens from birth (only was fooled once or twice ). I knew the breed standard and how to evaluate as I showed rexes for about 5 yrs before getting into breeding.

Why doesn't the breeder you got your cats from help you out?
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I don't breed, but I do know a little about Selkirk genetics as I find it a fascinating breed! Curly kittens should be very curly at birth, the coat will straighten some when they go through the fuzzy stage then curl up again as they reach maturity. Straight haired kittens will be born without curls. As you're expecting both, I assume both parents are heterozygous for the curly gene, so (statistically speaking of course!) you'd expect around 50% heterozygous with good curls, 25% homozygous with poorer coat quality, and 25% straight haired kittens? With the curly ones, you may have to wait until the coat develops more to have some idea of quality, are they shorthair or longhair Selkirks?

I'm absolutely dreadful at determining coat colour by sight, but if you've studied the pedigrees of your cats as far back as possible, you will know which colours are possible which should help to narrow it down a bit What colours are possibilities from this mating?
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