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No Friday DT?

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Where oh where are they??
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Yay! Someone started one. Thanks~~~~

It's been pretty quiet here today.

I had a VERY long day at the office and I'm glad I'm home.

Went and bought People magazine (an amazing coverage of the space shuttle) The Star and The Enquirer. Tonight, I will relax and do some "non-thinking" reading.

I am making myself a toasted bologna (I'll never understand why we just can't spell it like it sounds!!!!) sandwich. Yum.....I was craving that. Not too healthy but....I'm in a slump.

Off I go to eat and I will return shortly....
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(whispers) I think everyone is lurking...

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Just got back from eating dinner. We watched a movie Sorority Boys, pretty funny. And then watched an episode of the Sopranos second season.
Ive been jumping back and forth here, waiting for my dad to come online so we can talk and so we can see our little baby angel thru the webcam.
Ohh, I might get the people magazine too, I like that one.
I bought some chai tea bags, I prefer the tea without milk, it tastes better, but then again, I dont like milk and cant drink it anyway.
I am so tired for some reason, I think its cos of the snow, whenever the weather is like that, I get all tired - probably SAD (seasonal affected disorder).

Hope everyone has a great evening!
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Well.... since someone answered,I had a really rotten day at work! And I can;t even say TGIF,I work this weekend.I hate working the weekend!I only work every other weekend.After work I had to help Ted load & unload a cord of firewood,I really wish spring would get here!I am so tired of snow & cold. Well I do have somethimg to smile about,Ted's mom goes to the nursing home Monday!!! And I have a 3 day weekend next weekend!
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Today was pretty uneventful for me...well except for one thing. Ok..this is kinda nasty, but just had to share it. My co-worker has a big problem of..uh..farting! I can understand if it was an "oops!", but when this happened ALL day long...I just couldn't handle it any longer. This is a grown woman..56 years old and obviously doesn't have many manners. I know we all do this...but at work? My other co-workers and I giggled most of the day because we would catch a wiff...and take out of the room in a run! I really felt sorry for my boss...he had to work beside her ALL DAY LONG! Poor Guy...he couldn't even get away from it!LOL!
Sorry for grossing you all out! I think I might put a bottle of Beano in her locker with an anonomous (sp?) note....Lord knows she needs something! LOL!
Hope you all have a good weekend!!
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Naw that doesnt gross me out. She may have digestive problems that cause the farting? Poor you, having to deal with that! A bottle of beano in her locker may be a good idea (hope it doesnt insult her!)
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Jake bought a lottery ticket. We do not normally buy those things, but he did. It would be nice to win a little bit of something though!
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I'm afraid that would insult her. Most women who have this problem are very embarrassed. Perhaps it could be approached by confessing that a member of your family had that sort of problem, and almost hated to go out in public. And that she/he discovered a product that worked. I don't believe in lying, but I know you wouldn't want that woman to feel humiliated. Maybe you do know someone with that problem. What a subject, huh? But I can understand how uncomfortable the whole situation is. It has happened to all of us.

Western PA has turned cold and snowy again after a very short few days of above normal temperatures. This has been a miserable winter...Come to think of it, all winters are miserable!
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I'm hoping that she wouldn't be able to figure out it was me. We have almost 90 employees, but only 6 in the actual Pharmacy. I'm sure she didn't just fart in the Pharmacy...probably in the break room and etc. So...it's doubtful that she'd be able to pinpoint it to me. Everyone in the Pharmacy was grossed out by it...so she might end up with 5 bottles of Beano!LOL! Even if she found out it was me...It wouldn't bother me too much. It's not like this was just an isolated day...this happens at least once a week! YUCK! I'll just tell her that I wasn't comfortable giving it to her in person, but hope that she wasn't upset by the gesture..or something like that!
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Oh, TGIF. This has been one of those weeks that should have never started.

I was supposed to have my reappointment interview with my boss today-my position is a yearly one, and I'm not too concerned, but I've never done this before. Well, I have to give my boss a big hand-he had a bad day trying to work out some money problems we have (we have some grant money that has gotten lost in the system at the Clinic). When I went to talk to him, he said "I've had a bad day and I'm in a bad mood. If we met today, I'd be very nasty and I'm not unhappy with your work. Let's talk on Monday, when I won't get angry and you won't hate me for the rest of the time you're here." I'm a little nervous, but he let me know that I will be reappointed

Kiwideus, I saw Sorority Boys last week. It's not a movie I'd usually chose, but there were parts where my friend and I were on the floor-like the Wookie/hair clot in the sink scene (that STILL makes me laugh).

Shell-Your co-worker may have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and not realize it. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago, and uncontrollable gas may be a sign of IBS. I don't know how you could break the subject with her, but I don't think she is even aware of what she is doing.

Hope everyone has a great evening!
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Yea that wookie part was funny! How about the part when 'Adina' put the pill in the boys drink without realising the other boy had put it in his drink too.....what happened next...oh boy!
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! How about the part when 'Adina' put the pill in the boys drink without realising the other boy had put it in his drink too.....what happened next...oh boy!
Um, a little uncomfortable moment between a big brother and a little brother? I'm almost embarassed to admit I liked that movie-and I've avoided "American Pie"!
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She knows she does it...mainly because she's the first to blame someone else for it. Plus, I don't know how she couldn't tell she's doing it...she should be able to smell it! Yuck! I don't know if she's got IBS....I think her problem is she eats stuff that she shouldn't. She always saying how every night her family goes out to eat because she refuses to cook. The places she usually goes to are bars and pubs (ya know, the ones with really greasy hamburgers and fries). I'm sure it's playing havoc (sp?) on her body...especially eating that every day and night. I don't know how to say something about this to her. She is one that is very unpredictable when it comes to moods. Thats why I thought of putting Beano or something in her locker so she wouldn't know it was me. At least that way she would know that others know of her problem and maybe she should do something about it. But then again...knowing this gal she'd probably think it was just a prank or something.
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Originally posted by Vikki
I think I'll go to bed soon and snuggle up with my purrball . Is it bad for a grown person to a substitute a kitty for a Teddy Bear ??
I don't think so, I do it all the time!

First it has to be Tigger though, she usually follows us into the bedroom and she HAS to be between us. Then when she's tired of that and she goes away it Roo's turn, although he doesn't know it. I have to sit up and reach down to the end of the bed where he's sleeping and pull him up under the covers with me. He's purring like a little engine and we snuggle together and go to sleep. I can roll him around all I want, but not Tigger, it's cuddle HER way or NO way.

Oh BTW, I slept all day and woke up at 8 tonight to watch t.v. Now I'm on the computer, wow what a day! *Phew!*
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Didn't catch this, yesterday. It was one of those, that I had nothing to do. We had dance class, last night. We've started two weeks, of waltz. Bill has a problem, with leading. He doesn't like to "boss" me. I told him, "This is one time, that YOU have to be in charge." We do need to practice, though. I love to dance and he's doing this, for me. Not that he minds me dancing, with someone else but, he wants to dance with me.

Pearl is healing, nicely. She's out, for a bit, without the leash. She and Ike aren't playing too hard.

Have a good weekend.
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