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Can't figure out what's wrong!

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Hi, I'm hoping someone might have some insight.

My 6 mo. old female kitty got spayed about 9 days ago. She was also given her second distemper shot (I'm generally against vaccinations, which some of you may be horrified by, but she was a barn cat and that's not the point of this thread). After she came home she seemed to be healing incredibly well. I started noticing an occasional sneeze here and there, until it has progressed to huge sneezing fits that go on and on. I feel so bad for her! She has also coughed a few times, but not much.
She has no other symptoms that I can see. No nasal discharge, no watery eyes. She still has a great appetite and has her playful times. She has been sleeping a whole lot more lately, which I thought was just healing from surgery?
I haven't been able to call a vet yet b/c it's been the weekend, so I thought I'd see if anyone had any advice.

Thanks for your time!
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She could be starting to get an upper respiratory infection. Did your vet give you any antibiotics for after her spay? Unless she starts having nasal discharge, eye discharge, or seems congested, I wouldn't worry too much...
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They didn't give me anything...barely gave me any post surgery instructions! We took her to the Anti Cruelty society, which I heard very good things about, but I know they are super busy...
I did a vacuum sweep of our place today, just in case, but I'm pretty sure that isn't the problem. Is it possible that this could be a side effect of the shot? Or maybe just from being around other animals...
Ok, I'll keep a lookout for other symptoms.
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just keep watch... here we just went from mild to cold and then to cold with snow ... changes like that often cause sneezing...
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